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    Natural Products Expo Asia since the first held in 2002, has been the industry's well-known natural, organic and health products exhibition. Into the show's tenth year, the organizers in addition to organizing in the international pavilions and the main themes of this year - "healthy aging" rack their brains, but also take into account the physical and mental development of the user choose a natural product. Exhibition rooted in Hong Kong for 10 years, the organizers decided to contribute to the community of the public action, this year's show part of the proceeds donated to benefit the institution Children's Cancer Fund, and donation boxes will be set during the show, I hope the admission at home and abroad The audience and the major exhibitors took donations.
    Children's Cancer Foundation was established in Hong Kong for over 22 years, the Council is not government-funded institutions, nor to accept the funding of the Community Chest and the Hong Kong Jockey Club. Over the years, the fund attributed to the enthusiastic contributions and support of all sectors of the community. Children's Cancer Foundation aims to improve the quality of life for children with cancer and their families, the mental and physical aspects to be comprehensive services to assist medical practitioners to enhance the cure rate, as well as funding major public hospitals in Hong Kong to purchase advanced equipment to improve the treatment of childhood cancer facilities and services. Fund attaches great importance to the physical and mental health of children with cancer and their families, and service center in Wong Tai Sin and stone Shaanxi tail to provide a range of direct services for the district and hospitalized children, including psychological counseling, play therapy, occupational therapy, home and palliative care, temporary take into account the rehabilitation, long-term follow-up, financial assistance, recreational and educational services. (Children's Cancer Foundation website:,)

    The Healthy Kitchen cooking health care soup

    In addition, the Natural Products Expo Asia also plans to invite the Children's Cancer Foundation, a volunteer public open day at the show (ie, August 25, 2012, Saturday), the show exciting part of the "Healthy Kitchen" (the Healthy Kitchen), the spot professor viewers healthy soup cooking methods, so that spectators purchasing high-quality natural and organic products at the same time of the exhibitors at home and abroad, and also learn the importance of healthy ingredients and concocting secret. Be published within a specific time and content of the soup cooking the demonstration will be held and publicity materials, pay close attention.
    More quality exhibitors shiny show
    More than 40 new exhibitors will debut at Natural Products Expo Asia ", and show a series of high quality and unique natural and organic products, including functional foods and beverages, vitamins and supplements, cosmetics and personal care products, environmentally friendly household items. traditional Chinese medicine, hydrotherapy supplies and natural raw materials. Enterprises from countries cited this year's fair international Hutchsion Hain, Organic (HK) Ltd (personal care products - Hong Kong), the BABI Taiwan (food and beverages - Taiwan), CreAgri International, Sdn. Bhd. (food and beverages, including - Malaysia), the Zen Bakery (food and beverages - United States), Gaubau Kender, (HK) Ltd. (supplements - Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. of pride in Germany (personal care products - Hong Kong), of Nutra of Summa (supplements - United States), the STP Mineral therapy (personal care products - Hong Kong), proud of laying Global Limited (supplements - Singapore), Queenswood Natural Foods, Ltd. (Food & Beverage - UK).
    Many new exhibitors, Eu Yan Sang and Blackmore General Assembly, held in conjunction with the information industry professional meetings "Nutracon Asia 2012" sponsorship. The two companies established in Asia and other regions until many years, its products and operating intelligence inspired a lot of people in the industry to develop new markets. At the same time, Eu Yan Sang and Blackmore were at professional meetings, to share traditional Chinese medicine and health care industry trends, as well as the professional opinion of the baby boomers who combine science and marketing.
    "Natural Products Expo Asia has been the best platform for purchasing organic, natural and health products. The last show has successfully attracted 200 exhibitors and about 9,000 professionals in admission from more than 50 countries and regions around the world. "Natural Products Expo Asia" organized by Penton Media Asia Limited and New Hope Natural the Media, and the support of the Hong Kong and overseas units, including the Australian Trade Office, American Consulate General Commercial Section, New Zealand Trade Development Council, UK Trade & Investment Hong Kong, Hong Kong Tourism Board, Hong Kong Investment Promotion Unit. The exhibition will be held 23-25 ​​August 2012 at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre Hall 3F-G.

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