healthy food
The health food according to the functions can be divided into: type of nutritional supplements, anti-oxidized (longevity-type), weight loss, secondary treatment type. Among them, the health care function of the nutrient supplements is an additional one or more of the body essential nutrients. Functional health food, to play a specific, special regulatory function through its effective ingredients.
In short, whether it is the type of health food, health can not be quick, but need to take a long time before people benefit.
Mention of health food, people often immediately think of vegetables, fruits, depending on oil fishy as the great enemy. In fact, a lot of meat, oil crops, animal offal on human health to maintain plays a key role. So far, Hong Kong or other Western countries such as the United States and Australia in the legal definition of health food in Taiwan put health food is defined as "special nutrients or have specific health benefits, special labeling or advertising, instead of treatment correction of human disease for the purpose of food. "Therefore, the current market on so-called health foods including dietary supplements, functional foods and natural foods. Although the Department of Health and the Food and Environmental Hygiene Department supervision of health on food labels, nutrition claims and nutrient function claims, but the Consumer Council has found that some products on the market exaggerated claims, the more part of almost together the World Health Organization . Consumers must see clearly the source, nature and function of the product, Do not put the letter as a shop assistant to sell, you should consult professional advice.

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