healthy food facts
In recent years, food safety issues frequent, affected the credibility and integrity of the entire food industry, consumers talk about "fresh" colors. In this context, in 2011, First Financial (microblogging), the Nikon Group to jointly launch the first "China Food Health Seven Star Award", a collection of multi-force in business, government, experts, media and the public, sharing Chinese food security best practices, and efforts to promote food companies to maximize the sense of social responsibility.

This year, the second Chinese food health Seven Star Award "in cooperation with the depth of the Chinese Institute of Food Science and Technology, through 2011, food safety incidents Interpretation," public science and food safety, a series of forums and lectures, and conducting public science education, to jointly explore the truth of food safety, promote public confidence in food safety, thus promoting the sound development of the industry.

At the same time, the event organizers also initiated the establishment of the "Seven Star Chinese food health Convention Alliance. This alliance is a national, industry-by food industry experts, corporate voluntary, not-for-profit non-government coalition. With government, industry organizations, food safety experts, corporate, media and the public force, to practice to maximize the social value creation, in order to ensure maximum food safety, thereby contributing to the overall development of China's food industry.

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