Use cPanel management website

Good helper 1. Webmaster
Create, upload and edit pages work is essential for every webmaster. cPanel is easy to use, through which webmasters can easily do:

CPanel File Manager to easily upload, edit, compress Web pages file, page file management
By configuring an FTP client to upload or download large files management
CPanel network disk so that webmasters can be flexible in the local management of Web documents
Directory permissions for different users to create different FTP accounts to manage their own website
Custom error page
Easily backup site database home directory and database
2 powerful message management capabilities
Owners can create their own enterprises in cPanel post office and mailing lists, and easily send and receive mail via Webmail or configure the E-mail client. Webmasters can also be very convenient for the mailbox auto-reply, auto-forwarding and set filtering rules to filter mail. the cPanel support common mail protocol the corresponding encrypted version of the POP, IMAP, SMTP, and these agreements.

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