First, the operating length of time the length of operating time is an important criterion of evaluation of a web hosting provider. Second, whether the room whether you have a reliable and stable, secure, high-speed engine room is another important criterion for the measure of a successful web hosting provider. Often this happens in the Internet industry: some companies do not have the engine room, not even the engine room, but they tend to price below market price promised to the user a variety of services. One can imagine, the lack of adequate hardware support, technical strength, these commitments often can only be impractical castles in the air. So be sure: even room locations are reluctant to tell customers the company must contain fraudulent web hosting provider, the majority of users to deal with such situations to maintain a high degree of vigilance. Three, lead to cost-effective low-cost high performance low-cost service providers to prevent the disappearance of excellent reputation, excellent quality, sincere service, the right price for a successful web hosting provider, not one less. Required to line the number of customer presentations address, and trial space, like the new sharing and other IDC service providers who offer a trial service. Fifth, do not be cheap to rent a certain customer base space to host. In general, the larger service providers due to its investment in hardware devices, network resources, security, human resources, business reputation, marketing, etc. are far more than ordinary service providers, so prices tend to be more high, However, the quality of service is more secure. , Service providers can best provide the mailbox, the FTP management capabilities. Seven, pay special attention to the fact that there are many swindlers home PC server, the ADSL access. The stability and speed of this space are very poor, remember to not be greedy little cheaper. Eight space virtual host space capacity is an important indicator in the assessment of the virtual host performance. Under normal circumstances, we must at the same time assessment following space size

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