DNS intelligent network load balancing analytical technology (DNS intelligent analytic), is to have two or more different regions and access mirror server of the Internet content information service provider (ICP) via DNS intelligent analytic techniques, their content visitors or users as possible to the same area or on the same network access to ISP or visits faster high-speed access to the services provided by a fundamental solution to reduce network congestion caused by site visitors or customers lost brought a variety of direct or indirect economic losses. Lane space, a space, two IP, you simply use a space can be achieved to complete the work of the two servers. Traditional CDN to accelerate static page acceleration, if your site has ASP program such as the Forum, the northern user access is also very slow. Lane space, a space two IP northern users with Netcom users of the South Telecommunications. Because the same space, whether it is asp program or normal web pages are the same, coupled with intelligent DNS automatically parsed and automatically determine the Netcom and Telecom customers, truly north-south interconnection. Traditional users of space to north and south almost: you need to the telecommunication buy space, China Netcom to buy a space, and also each update twice, user Posts in the telecommunications station Netcom station can not see fat Netcom station telecommunications station The north-south interconnection and can not really achieve.

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