IDC Review of March 23: the growing popularity of the Internet, web hosting is becoming the focus of the mass of the IT industry enterprises. Virtual host, as well as its low cost has attracted a large number of providers on the market, thereby greatly reducing the cost of enterprise information, coverage is also wider. According to statistics, the global 80% of the corporate website using a virtual host, the reason is mostly because of the virtual host in the price more in line with the demand for enterprise built. Therefore, the virtual host price, specifications and features will become the major consideration factors of a number of the number of owners. Below, IDC reviewed network in accordance with the documentation, to recommend the five best overseas cheap virtual host. 
    1 JustHost 
    JustHost is a new foreign host, headquartered in the UK, Australia has an office, data center located in Chicago, Illinois, USA. Although it is a new host, but in foreign countries is also relatively well received by customers. The JustHost host plans to provide free domain name, allowing you to use their own cPanel account to support e-commerce functions. JustHost also provide a variety of grade-specific host, and allows users to customize according to their needs. justhost be wordpress official identified as one of the most suitable for wordpress host, in short, the performance is good. 
    2 iPage Inc 
    Since 1998 iPage has been providing reliable and high-quality web hosting services is now set up over 1,000,000 websites. The iPage virtual hosting services to use 100% green wind energy, a first-class price, quality hosting solutions and excellent customer service. 
    3 FatCow 
    FatFatCow the birth of the Cow is a virtual hosting service providers in the United States, was founded in 1998. Fatcow host as a host to more than 10 years of operating history, with more than 99.9% of the average online time, stability is no doubt. 
    4 GreenGeeks 
   GreenGeeks green web hosting, its space in the country access speed is very fast, one of the few unlimited space, unlimited traffic reseller space. Also offers free domain name service, host unlimited domains and free Web Site Builder and other advantages of service. Is a good green host, shared web hosting service providers. 
    5 InMotion 
   InMotion Hosting sponsored work hard to provide reliable hosting solutions, fast and powerful. Very quickly from the country visit at any time, regardless of Netcom and Telecom, the download speed basically can reach more than 100 kB / s, a variety of functions are very stable, but basically no visibility.

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