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1.8 Fenugreek
Fenugreek as a hypoglycemic food raw materials in China and India are a food and medicine and plant (its seeds can be used as medicine, the leaves can be fried). According to research, fenugreek seeds contain a lot of protein and tannins, adjustable body glucose uptake, it is a significant hypoglycemic effect. China's the fenugreek annual output up to thousands of tons.
1.9 corn shall
Corn Silk is blindly long history of folk medicine, the Indians have long used it to cure. Modern studies have found that: the corn to be water extracts containing large amounts of polysaccharides, a diuretic, to lose weight and hypoglycemic effects. Ear of corn polysaccharides at 100mg/kg, 40mg/kg in normal and diabetic mice showed a significant hypoglycemic effect and its mechanism may promote insulin secretion, enhanced catabolism, so that lower blood sugar.
1.10 bitter gourd, pumpkin
Saponins and polysaccharides compounds in bitter melon have hypoglycemic activity. The same in the human body automatically regulates blood sugar, because it not only has a direct role in insulin, but also stimulate the release of insulin, hypoglycemic effect, and without any side effects, known as "plant insulin".
Pumpkin with a higher hypoglycemic activity of the active ingredient - pumpkin polysaccharide. Animal experiments show that: the mice by intraperitoneal injection of pumpkin polysaccharide 7h after their blood sugar value by 15.32 ± 3.38retool / L down to a normal level of 5.77 ± 1.46retool / L, and statistical analysis of differences extremely significant. Initial recognition of pumpkin polysaccharide hypoglycemic mechanism of pancreatic repair damaged cells and pancreatic islet B inhibition of liver glycogen output common.

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