IDC originated in the demand for high-speed interconnection of the network in ICP, and the United States is still in the position of world leader. Operators in the United States, in order to safeguard their own interests, to network interconnection bandwidth is set very low, the user had in each service provider to put a server. To solve this problem, IDC came into being to ensure that the customer managed server from the network access speed bottleneck.
IDC is not only a center of data storage, and the flow of data center, it should be the most concentrated areas of data exchange in the Internet network. It is accompanied by hosting and virtual hosting services, higher demands on the conditions, in a sense, it is evolved by the ISP's server hosting room. Specifically, with the rapid development of Internet, Web site maintenance growing system bandwidth, management requirements constitutes a serious challenge for many enterprises. Thus, all things related to web hosting services to the IDC specializes in providing network services to do, but will focus on strengthen the core competitiveness of business. Visible, the IDC is a more refined product of the Internet Enterprise Division.

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