Menorrhagia, too little, the color anomalies, abdominal pain ...... women's life, many people have ever suffered from menstrual disorders. The emergence of menstrual disorders, most people will go to the hospital to find a cause pelvic inflammatory disease, uterine fibroids. Indeed, many menstrual disorders are not caused by disease but caused by unhealthy living habits. Guangzhou Red Cross Hospital, MD, deputy director Chen Yanhui pointed out that the long-term in a bad mood, stress, and even the diet fed, hunger, or a partial eclipse, picky eaters, as well as overheating or too cold are likely to be the incentive for menstrual disorders.
The beauties Tanjiang or induced menstruation messy
Of course, enter into the winter, but many girls still wear very weak Tanjiang "grace not to temperature. In addition, some city girl cold winter's day to eat ice cream and thought cool slowly to create menstruation is no longer time to visit, sometimes more than a month or two months time, the amount less than the previous , and accompanied by severe dysmenorrhea, severe pain and even the emergence of vomiting. In fact, the female menstrual period in the cold, make pelvic vascular contraction, resulting in ovarian efficacy messy, can cause excessive menstrual flow, or amenorrhea.
Expert tips, menstruation to prevent avoid wet, to avoid the rain, wading, swimming, and a cold drink, in particular, to prevent lower body cold, and pay attention to heat retaining. May wish to add the green onions, beans, pumpkin, garlic, ginger, chestnuts, oranges and other foods in the diet;, vinegar, butter, vegetable oil, pepper, pepper and other spices, and beef stew, chicken broth, this situation caused the irregular menstruation there is a certain role.
Eating habits differential prone to cause menstrual disorders
Chen Yanhui menstrual disorders of women to the hospital very much, especially white-collar women. The experts pointed out that the reason they easily menstrual disorders, and lifestyle. Pressure of white-collar jobs, over-thoughtful, plus gave birth to more and more late, do not have time to eat properly, blind diet, Do not Dress To grace temperature, etc., these are the culprit culprit of menstrual disorders.
The diet is human nutrient sources and supplies of basic oriented toward the blood. If the diet is fed, too hungry or selective food addicted to partial or overheating the cold can be pathogenic. Over food spicy yang of the goods, can cause stomach heat to the thermal disturbance of Chong and Ren, restless sea of ​​blood, resulting in menorrhagia, uterine bleeding, red tape, Tailou, fetal irritability, and other diseases; menstruation, pregnancy over food raw cold cool the product, can be caused by Spleen damage, condensation and blood, resulting in dysmenorrhea, amenorrhea, after a few menstrual late fetal irritability, gynecological disease, and so on; overeating Feigan, or alcohol excesses, can be caused by hot and humid, phlegm endogenous cause Vaginal discharge, vaginal sores, infertility and other diseases; eating too little or diet of qi and blood, can lead to lack of source, red any loss, leading after a few months late menstruation, amenorrhea, dysmenorrhea, postpartum fetal wilt not long, fetal irritability and other diseases.
Within the eccentric women prone to the occurrence of amenorrhea
Positive women gave birth to age, if the long-term stress, excessive fear, sadness, the sudden change of living environment, strong pregnancy is willing to look and intense ideological struggle, can affect the hypothalamic - pituitary - ovarian axis of the efficacy of so that the ovaries no longer secrete estrogen and no ovulation, menstruation will start messy. Seminars to create, with anxiety, introverted, withdrawn, Dauth consider temperament and ovarian insufficiency women amenorrhea occurs easily under adverse psychological stimuli.
Chinese medicine theory of thought, joy, anger, melancholy sad fear is the human factor in the energy of emotional reaction to outside stimuli, and also the organs of the emotions of the effectiveness of movement embodied. Impassioned appropriate to express the healthy, but too impassioned, such as a sudden, strong or long effort to stimulate more than the limits of the physiological regulation of, will cause the internal organs, blood, meridians effectiveness of clutter, and then a gynecological disease. Yu Nu injury such as the liver can be caused by menstruation, menorrhagia, dysmenorrhea, thoughtful excessive injury to the spleen and cause bleeding, amenorrhea, etc.; panic injured kidney can cause menorrhagia, uterine bleeding, fetal irritability. 

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