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The day before yesterday, CCTV host microblogging (subsequently deleted) refers to the "Do not eat old yogurt and jelly, causing users to guess these two types of food may be added in the industrial gelatin, while the latter even in the" broken shoes " extracted. Yesterday named food where the dairy industry and jelly industry have been made to respond, the former insisted that the mainstream brands is not the use of industrial gelatin, the latter refers to without gelatin.

Milk prices:

CCTV released information

Song Kun Gang, chairman of the China Dairy Industry Association said yesterday via the official website of the Association of edible gelatin, food additives using a standard promulgated in 2011 of the Ministry of Health, the flavor of fermented milk can be added in accordance with the amount of production requirements.

He pointed out that edible gelatin is brewed with fresh animal skin and bones colloid, which is commonly known as collagen. Added to the organizational status and taste of yogurt can improve the flavor of yogurt, and nutrition. Edible gelatin is different from the industrial gelatin, add in the yogurt industry the gelatin is an offense should be severely punished. "Song Kungang said, old yogurt dairy mainstream brand production is in strict accordance with national standards, does not use industrial gelatin.

Yesterday, Jinan University, Fu Liang, director of the Food Research Centre, told this reporter that, from a technical channel with industrial gelatin posing the possibility of edible gelatin, and only both meet and comply with food hygiene standards in difference. "To calm the storm, as long as the related enterprises to provide proof of the raw materials, food safety aspects of old yogurt on it."

"We all hope that CCTV can be released messages to large enterprises, but is a good thing." Large milk prices people, who declined to be named, told reporters yesterday, said the three domestic milk prices used in gelatin have the exact source, some imported, buying some to the Qinghai Gelation of listed companies (000,606). The stock yesterday rose 4.08 percent to 5.36 yuan.

Jelly industry:

Industry without gelatin

Jelly industry is also a "gun" jelly Professional Committee of China Bakery Sugar Products Industry Association yesterday issued a statement, referring to "domestic jelly industry does not use gelatin.

The statement said that the jelly is the food of water, sugar, carrageenan, konjac powder as main raw materials from the gel. Carrageenan is a natural polysaccharide extracted from natural Kirin dishes seaweed colloids, China approved the thickener used in various types of food security; the main component of the konjac flour, glucomannan, China approved the use of safe food ingredients.

The association said in a statement, the current domestic Jelly industry does not use gelatin, carrageenan, konjac powder, rubber powder in the jelly in the proportion of generally about 1% of the total cost of around 5%. "The Ministry of Health in 2009 were clearly defined industrial gelatin, leather hydrolyzate illegal additives shall not be added to any food."

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