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At present, the Five have won two world-class crown and 14 national honors. Two world-class title: World Geopark, the Man and Biosphere Reserve; 14 national honors: National Nature Reserve, mineral water town in China, the most potential of China's top ten scenic spots, tourist attraction four Top Ten, the hometown of the famous volcano, the China Biosphere Reserve, the National Natural Heritage, the national key scenic spots, national forest parks, national geological parks, national AAAA grade scenic tourist area, the state AAAAA level scenic area, China Mineral Water City science base of land and resources. Now that we have developed 12 major tourism area, eight wonders, more than 400 attractions. 12 large tourist area, including: Black Dragon Mountain - a new period of volcanic tourist area, the White Dragon Lake - volcanic barrier lake resort, drug Springs - spa Sports Health District moored temperature - volcanic small Jiuzhai leisure viewing area, gantry Shizhaishan - ancient volcano expedition tourist area of ​​Crystal Palace, Bailong - volcanic Rong Dong geological tourist area, drug Quanshan - volcanic religious pilgrimage area, Crouching Tiger Mountain - wildlife viewing recreation area, Longmen Mountain - virgin forest eco-tourism area, Tianchi - ancient volcanic eco-resort, the common crane wetlands - ancient wetland eco-tourist areas, drug Springs town - travel services and living area. Eight Wonders: Xiongjun steep mountains crater; magnificent turn to spend the stone sea; shape of the jet cone Wonderful dish; frosted jade lava ice cave; clear water pool of the Tianchi scenic; clouds and transpiration the Shilong temperature mooring; Seven Wonders of the the gantry Shizhaishan; picturesque mountains reflection. Four odd and four strange mysterious and strange, four odd: the water to go to the west of the car uphill run, snow and ice of the dog day tour, lunch in the long grass; four strange: the drink is capable of curing, washing Springs to illness Consumers, lava race kang, stone water drift. Unique geological resources for Wudalianchi rare in the world, six of the natural environment: There is the world's most pure natural oxygen bar; the world's highest grade the magnetization mineralization of the role of health care charge-ionized water; sets Health & Beauty medical spa in one wash treatment, mud therapy area; natural lava mesa - solar thermal, physical therapy field; features the most complete, largest wealthy 1000-3000 gamma whole magnetic environment of a volcanic peak; is not any pollution of the pure green mineral series of health foods. Thus forming the most perfect combination of conditions on the natural environment, physical therapy base. Magical volcanic environment also breeds magic volcano folk culture, drug Wang Jishi, bald tail talk of the town war Little White Dragon stories of the north and south. China travel destination, Spring of the drink world, concept masterpiece wonders, listen to the myths and legends, really "traveled thousands of miles, the scenery here is fine".

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