The virtual host technology makes possible, the virtual host does reduce the corporate Internet station construction costs to create multiple sites on one physical server, but everything has a limit. According to experience, when a virtual host site is about more than a certain number (200), server performance will be significantly decreased if some of these sites also provide a database query services, and server performance degradation is more severe some of the world's leading webhost and even the number of users on each server is forcibly limited to less than 100. More service providers in order to attract customers, dare a few dozen virtual hosts marked as hundreds of people at the same time online, what is more able to say limit any resources. Such a commitment, we can imagine, a single physical server can support up to while online 2000-3000 concurrent to a common server costs about 10,000 yuan / year, think about it, service providers in order to earn back the cost to put the number of such sites running on the server, this server can be used?

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