(1) certain capabilities may be the limitations of the service providers, for example, may consume system resources forum, traffic statistics, etc.;
(2) website design needs to consider the function of support service providers, such as database type, operating system;
(3) certain virtual host site access speed is too slow, which may be caused as a result of hosting providers will be a host rented to a large number of websites, or the server configuration and other reasons the site of this situation can not be solved for normal access to the site will have adverse effects;
(4) Some service providers on traffic restrictions, so that when the site traffic will not be able to normal access.
Site is a virtual host or a dedicated server, according to the situation and anticipated developments of the site to consider.
(5) virtual host in order to reduce costs are not independent ip address, ip address can not directly access the site (because the same ip address multiple sites)

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