But how to achieve a domain name telecommunications users access to telecommunications IP? Netcom users access to the network IP address? Before the general practice is to do a "telecommunications station" and "Netcom Station, telecommunications users and China Netcom users to choose according to their own internet use in the Home corresponding fastest line. But the actual majority of users browse the site simply ignores the "Telecommunications Station," Netcom Station this link, resulting in poor user experience. Smart two-lane host can solve this problem. Smart two-lane host domain name smart analysis system with the two-lane host. The principle is the first DNS server to query the IP address of this site users to access the site. The DNS server will judge whether the user is Telecom Internet network or the Internet? Telecom Internet Back to Telecom IP address is the network the Internet to return the network IP address. This intelligent judgment, intelligent identification purposes. The host of intelligent lane to avoid the manual switching process of two-lane host to each user of the website the fastest, most stable user access. It can be said is the real significance of the smart two-lane host on two-lane host, is considered completely solve the interoperability problem of Telecom and China Netcom.

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