spicy food health
Is well known, less physical activity and high calorie food intake caused by obesity are two important factors, foreign scientists have discovered that in addition to control high-calorie foods (such as low-fat, low calorie food) intake weight loss, some with stimulus sexual flavor of the food to prevent obesity.
Some of these can help lose weight foods inhibit the appetite, which they contain ingredients, such as xanthine in tea and coffee, cola, theobromine and glial opioid-like activity of small peptides in the casein and so on. The report found that two weeks in a row garlic Zuo food can reduce cholesterol in patients with mild and in the high fat and carbohydrate intake to a certain extent, play a role in weight control.

Some with food to stimulate the taste is to increase energy expenditure to achieve weight loss. Such as pepper or red pepper, capsaicin can increase heat production and heat dissipation (mainly through the blood vessels to dilate to achieve), and foods containing caffeine excited the central nervous system and heart, but also lead to increased calorie consumption. Recently, foreign was specifically studied the effects of capsaicin and caffeine on energy balance, the subjects to eat food without limitation, the experimental group and eat red pepper and coffee, the control group neither eat, the results of food red pepper and coffee the day can reduce 400 calories a day. Surprise of the researchers is an important reason to cause this difference is the increase in caloric intake to reduce rather than consumption, that is, join the tea, coffee and pepper and other food in the diet contribute to energy balance, to prevent excessive heat photo into play while the effect of weight loss.

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