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We all know that yoga staple food factors, but those vegetarian What are the effects you know? The following look at my specific Road Come on.

Absorb enough nutrition to enhance the vitality, it is best to eat: vegetables (eg carrot, cucumber, spinach)

Beans (such as bean sprouts, tofu, red beans)

Fruit (eg apples, bananas, pears)

Grains (eg brown rice, millet, wheat)

Also eat: nuts (such as cashews, almonds, or Amoy set of vegetable oils (eg olive oil, sesame oil) so, do not worry about nutritional deficiencies.

The vegetarian indeed with daily essential nutrients, you may wish to refer to the following vegetarian nutrition table to prepare your meals:

Sugar: all grains, beans, vegetable mosaic stem root, fruits, prominent nucleoli.


Protein: all grains, beans, nucleoli, bean sprouts.

Fat: all legumes, nuts, vegetable oil.

Vitamin A, carrots, spinach, pumpkin, seaweed, chili, all kinds of nucleoli, bananas, tofu, red rice.

Vitamin B1: rice and noodles, beans, all kinds of nucleoli, bean sprouts, a variety of fruits and vegetables, sunflower seeds, vitamin B2, beans, all kinds of nucleoli, bean sprouts and carrots, a variety of fruits and vegetables, seaweed.

Vitamin B12: seaweed, alfalfa, wheat grass, vitamin 13, root vegetables, wheat grass, folic acid, dark green vegetables, broccoli, peanuts, a variety of nucleolus.

Vitamin B3: rice and noodles, nuts, sesame, vitamin B6, bean sprouts, whole wheat flour, bananas, raisins, peanuts, wheat grass.

Choline: a variety of legumes, yeast, wheat grass.

Whole raw acid: a variety of beans, almonds, whole grains, wheat grass.

Pantothenate: all natural foods, sesame seeds, brown rice, seeds, etc..

Inositol: nucleolus, a variety of vegetables, soybeans, millet, whole grains.

Aniline acid: green vegetables, wheat grass, honey.

Tobacco acid: wheat grass, alfalfa, dates, and yeast.

Vitamin C: all fruits, most vegetables, seaweed, soy, wheat grass.

Vitamin E: a variety of nucleolus, vegetable oil, avocado, leafy vegetables, sprouts.

Vitamin D: tomatoes, dates, celery, lentils, amaranth, mushrooms, alfalfa sprouts.

Lecithin: soybean, millet.

Vitamin F: Vegetable oil, sunflower seed, soybeans, wheat grass, stone fruit.

Vitamin H: vegetable oil, sunflower seed, soybeans, wheat grass, nucleoli, cauliflower and other vegetables, whole grains, beans.

Vitamin K: green vegetables, soybeans, alfalfa, honey.


P: Almost all foods are beans, flour, seeds up to.

Biological Huang alkalization matter: a variety of fruits, buckwheat.

Zinc: green vegetables, sesame seeds, all kinds of nucleoli, seeds, whole wheat flour, soybeans.

Rail: Most of the green vegetables, beans, wheat grass, sprouts, honey, dried fruits, seeds, millet.

Magnesium: dark green vegetables, whole grain foods, legumes, millet, apple, lemon, wheat grass, honey, nucleolus.

Copper: nucleolus, beans, honey, grapes and dry, a variety of fruits, vegetables, stem and root.

Calcium: dark green plants, peanuts, walnuts, honey, wheat grass, alfalfa sprouts.

Cobalt: green vegetables, fruits, beans, wheat, grass, dry grapes.

Mo: beans, whole grain cereals, dark green vegetables.

Potassium: whole grains, a variety of vegetables, beans, sunflower seeds, wheat grass, alfalfa sprouts.

Sodium: salt, baking powder, celery, baking soda, kelp, wheat grass.

Sulfur: cabbage, Brussels sprouts, wheat grass.

Iodine: seaweed, kelp, seaweed, kelp, coarse sea salt, onions.

Chlorine: whole wheat flour, salt, millet oil, olives.

Chromium: whole grain cereals, yeast, millet oil.

Fluoride: a variety of vegetables, tea, plus fluorine in drinking water.

Selenium: whole grains, cauliflower, wheat grass, yeast.

Silicon: wheat grass, tomato

Yoga health food plenty of money, is not it? Then your body is the complement what, what to eat tonight, you want better?

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