Business or personal use of the virtual host site in someone else's server, sometimes like a foster child in someone else's home, although there are food and drink, to worry about or inevitable. Should fully understand the mood of the user as a virtual hosting provider, while providing timely emergency response and related technology solutions and services should be based on a solid technical foundation and extraordinary sense of responsibility to do the construction and maintenance of the virtual host site, as well as related value-added services. Fact, to provide virtual hosting service is a very high technical threshold, according to industry insiders, web hosting services provider must control a variety of operating systems and operating system management, optimization, and have the system in these operating systems level and application-level R & D capabilities (such as a variety of web servers, mail servers, DNS servers, load balancing, etc.) must also have a WAN, LAN and other network management capabilities (for example, understand the principle of routing and switching), as well as the management of computer hardware level configuration database processing capacity. If the web hosting service provider does not have a professional technical team to provide technical support as described above, the virtual hosting service providers not only can only provide poor service, but stability of the services have no way to ensure that.

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