Virtual host as a network service, the most important is the stability of the system. Stability around the line rate of the virtual host is directly related to the Q virtual mainframe technology architecture question whether the site can be accessed. The virtual host performance is good or bad depends on the configuration of the server and operating system of software in addition to a certain extent, the room in which the external environment. Bandwidth is a guarantee of speed, the speed of the server, depending on the bandwidth. Bandwidth refers to the virtual host to connect to each server bandwidth, many service providers often only publicity in promoting the bandwidth values ​​that connect into the engine room, but did not specify the available bandwidth of each server. As consumers should be extra careful. As external factors affecting the stability of the server, the engine room temperature, humidity, artificial control is particularly important, which the management and services business opportunities room maintenance cost input related. Large service providers within the engine room temperature, humidity, and artificial control is extremely strict, which reduces the rate of server instability. So in general the so-called brand host the price is relatively high, this part of the price is the host commercial to maintain the engine room, it is also reasonable.

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