Along with the growing prosperity of the domestic IDC market, the major U.S. hosting providers have to compete in China. In many compete in the Chinese market, the host, IXWebHosting host can be described as domineering highlights not only occupy a position of market leader in product sales and also highlights the king of style and prestige in the market. Of course, IXWebHosting host was to have such a strong market position, with the implementation of a wide range of product strategy is inseparable. 
Dazzling virtual host packages 
The virtual host packages of IXWebHosting host is very bright, whether it is expert, unlimited professional or business type, they are free, standalone IP and domain name to host users. We all know that independent IP to protect the security and stability of the site have a strong effect, of course, enhance the site collection level aspects have a greater role. Therefore, independent IP is the host users long for. In particular, users of the business establishment of the station, Dedicated IP can not do without, because the SSL certificate can only be installed on the host has a separate IP. In addition, in order to reduce the purchase cost of the host users, also offers a special discount link page host users to buy through this page annual pay period of the virtual host packages can enjoy 10% discount. 
VPS Hosting Plans reputation widely spread 
In order to meet the demand of the host high-end host, IXWebHosting host to a strong launch of the X2, X4 and X8 three VPS Hosting packages. These three packages regardless of the CPU core, memory capacity, data transfer has a greater competitive advantage. IXWebHosting of VPS Hosting provides website statistics, raw log access, free search engine submission service, online file management Webshell and e-mail access and electronic shopping cart system. Finally, it is worth mentioning that also supports WordPress and Joomla one-click install feature. Because of its has so many powerful features, so when baked in each Best VPS Hosting Reviews list can be tied for first place. IXWebHosting the VPS host has a high reputation, this is the fact that the industry known. 
Cloud Hosting Plans domineering exposed 
IXWebHosting host to optimize product structure, on the basis of the virtual host and VPS Hosting, also introduced based on market demand cloud host product most favored by the businessmen. IXWebHosting cloud host product overbearing, not only has the general cloud host scalable and flexible allocation of resources, flexible payment options and convenient mode of management, it also has a general cloud host aircraft carrier-class Internet link speed and exclusive of CPU cycles, memory capacity. In addition, its cloud hosting product also exclusive of outstanding commercial customer, a commercial customer has a high cultural quality and strong professional quality. The help of these outstanding customer service, the user of any problems can be timely and effective solution. 
U.S. host provider IXWebHosting in the Chinese market has been able to occupy a strong competitive advantage, mainly due to the introduction of the corresponding host products according to market demand. Because each virtual host has its own life cycle, and only in the product life cycle is not finished when the introduction of new mainframe products, in order to forever preserve the development of enterprises dynamic.

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