Host provider HostEase has been the host of high-quality image in the customers in China, recently, in other host are getting ready to set off a new round of service competition when the HostEase host pre-emptive, not only launched a long-awaited domestic users Windows virtual hosts, and in order to improve the user buying experience has also introduced a blue color version of Chinese station. 
Add Windows virtual host forum 
The new revision of the Chinese station new Windows virtual host pages, enough to reflect the the HostEase host attaches great importance to this new host. For users, the Windows shared hosting has its own independent forum, the user will also be able to easily aim at the object order, host providers HostEase this new initiative is obviously to meet the purchase needs of the user. According to the Chinese station, in order to promote the extensive use of Windows shared hosting in the domestic market, HostEase host also launched a very tempting $ .01 WindowsBeta beta, the user can select a blog-type or extended host program to test The testing process, users can enjoy unlimited disk space, bandwidth, features and professional customer service. 
Popular host recommended forum grand baked 
The Linux basis of the virtual host Windows extended shared hosting, Linux independent host and Windows independent host in the HostEase host has a host product which is one of the most popular of the four types of hosts. In order to strengthen the understanding of the users of these four favorite host, HostEase also opens up the popular host recommended forum. Linux-based and Windows Extended host two of the most cost-effective virtual host, they have unlimited disk space, unlimited traffic and unlimited binding domain. Linux independent of the host and Windows-independent host has 2GB of DDR2 memory, 250G hard drive, 3000GB traffic, and a free independent IP, relatively independent of the host product, its cost is very high, in order to meet the purchase needs of domestic users, the HostEase official launch a special discount code hostease, this discount code buy HostEase host 20% off discount code buy HostEase host very affordable. 
Domestic IDC market is highly competitive, the major host only continue to enhance its product strength and quality of service to survive in the host market in the survival of the fittest. HostEase as a leader in the U.S. host, naturally in the competition even more as excellent. Since the beginning of the year, to provide daily data backup, the new Windows virtual host and the revision of Chinese stations and various measures have been introduced, but also reflect the higher direction forward the HostEase host is persistent.

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