American virtual host by virtue of the protection of the mature market specifications and hardware facilities, subject to the virtual host the user sought, in particular, do the foreign trade of fake brand users with a superior web hosting, site optimization and security to get a good guarantee, after the virtual host and SEO optimization of the two major characteristics to consider virtual host doing my part to become the best choice for imitation brand SEO optimization. 
Independent IP optimization is more effective 
Dedicated IP for the shared virtual host is more conducive to the website SEO optimization included with independent IP sites can not only more easily by search engines, and have an independent IP site security and greater stability. also provide good protection for the continued optimization of the site, few host to provide free independent IP, virtual host providers in the United States, however, provide free independent IP merchant lot a, IXWebHosting virtual host is one of them, it provides users with up to 15 independent IP virtual hosts, with 15 independent IP in the keywords the site layout and SEO optimized, the more effort, buy IXWebHosting virtual host, use the discount code chill in its Chinese official on the purchase of either a virtual host can receive a 20% discount. 
Fast user experience is high 
For the website of the foreign trade of fake brand, the access speed of the host affect the site of the open speed, the site open speed also affects the speed of website SEO optimization, overseas access speed of the virtual host, the U.S. virtual host is necessary a significant advantage than virtual host, virtual host servers in the United States only the United States, for foreign trade enterprises for European and American markets, the access speed is very fast, especially the U.S. HostEase virtual host access speed is very fast by domestic users has been received, through which the civilian network learned, they launched the business-type host is giving away a free stand-alone IP and SSL certificate With these products also makes the data of the site has been safety, in order to develop the China market HostEase specifically for users in China launched a discount code hostease, this discount code to buy the host can also get a 20% discount. 
Cost-effective host promotions 
U.S. virtual hosts in addition to protection with performance and speed, its price is also very have the advantage of unlimited space, unlimited traffic virtual hosting price of up to hundreds of M, and the domestic space is similar, so have the price advantage Take the recent has just launched a Chinese station ( of WebHostingPad host, the host program of its large space, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited SQL database, also $ 1.99 per month, one year down also $ 150, this price advantage presumably domestic host is how there will not be the, in addition to price, the U.S. host will also introduce discount code purchase like WebHostingPad launched discount code greatchina15 1-3 years host using the discount code for a discount of $ 15, it can be said to reduce the virtual host price on the basis of low price, discount code again. 
Internet information age, economy and trade has also been globalized for the foreign trade of fake brand businesses, choose the good and excellent virtual host is critical to choose a good virtual host not only to enhance the site SEO optimization level, the better to enhance business goods sales, virtual host, whether it is from the website optimization point of view, or an independent IP, access speed, cost three to consider the virtual host of the United States are very much in line with the needs of foreign trade business, so the virtual host of the U.S. foreign trade business establishment of the station SEO optimization is not surprising that the new darling.

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