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Children cough and cold, do not rush the medication
The child has been coughing will turn into chronic bronchitis? The temperature has been refunded, the doctor will give you our baby to open three days saline? Obviously, rhinitis, doctor, why do you give my child to open the cough medicine? The kindergarten teacher said we influenza, let my child go to kindergarten, really is not it? These are pediatric clinicians every few days to hear the parents confused. There are many parents see their children cough and cold, the first self-medication for children to eat, eat a few days no effect, go to the hospital to see a doctor. Health forum site in the liberation of yesterday, the Hospital of Fudan University, MD, deputy director of Physicians for Chinese medicine while the Science Branch Secretary, Clinical Quality Control Center Secretary Xiaobo remind parents: cough and cold, do not rush to give a child medication .
Children than in adults more likely to have nasal congestion, otitis media
"To get rid of the child medication errors, we must first understand that children and adults is not the same." Dr. Zhang Xiaobo audience to show respiratory structure for children, and adults, children with respiratory tract is divided into the upper respiratory tract and lower respiratory tract, the most common acute upper respiratory tract infection is a general term, including acute nasopharyngitis is cold, acute pharyngitis, acute tonsillitis. Respiratory tract also can be the child's special about the nasal cavity of infants and young children is relatively short, no nose, are more prone to nasal congestion; a eustachian tube structure inside of the upper respiratory tract in children, for children, is short and wide, straight level, the children after a cold easy formation of otitis media; tonsil development after the age of less than one-year-old children will not have tonsillitis.
The top five causes most worried sick "
To ask now most parents are worried the disease, the proportion is undoubtedly the greatest chronic cough. Cough time in more than four weeks is a chronic cough. Is a small cough, but long-term, severe cough will turn into serious complications, such as laryngeal injury, tracheal rupture. The cause of cause of chronic cough, Dr. Zhang has listed the main five reasons. First, asthma, children are often manifested as cough and wheeze at night and early morning. Followed by repeated upper airway cough syndrome and infant lung inhalation disease.
"Doctor, why my child enters kindergarten, repeated colds, recurrent cough?" Many parents will be similar to the pediatrician. Dr. Zhang said, this is after entering kindergarten or elementary school children's resistance is relatively poor, and repeated cross-infection, resulting in frequent, recurrent bronchitis; some viruses can not be promptly removed and some viruses can cause persistent infection or after infection and cough , which is also an important cause of chronic cough. A psychogenic cough, the children happy when the cough will be significantly reduced, these children need psychological counseling.
Children's medication is not available in accordance with the "halved principle."
Cough of a child not a big deal, buy a bottle of medicine, pharmacy, based on the principle of "adult half" to the children taking, which is the existence of the phenomenon of many families. At yesterday's forum site, Dr. Zhang Xiaobo that the children's medication is not free to implementation according to the "adult halved principle", or it may make the child into the risk of drug toxicity. Child development because the liver and kidney function is not yet perfect, the use of antimicrobial agents must be careful, use shall not be treated can cause serious complications. The existence of individual differences in the dynamic development of children, child's medication is not the adults to eat a child to eat half a slice of "The correct approach is based on body weight and body surface area calculation.
Cough and cold most vulnerable to repeated drug use
Dr. Zhang reminded the parents to pay attention to the interaction between the drugs and drug, to avoid duplication of medication.
The children cough and cold, many parents used to buy a bottle of cold medicine, buy a bottle of cough medicine, like benefits Feining, sometimes their own doctors, matched with a nasal decongestant, feeling "right". In fact, Wai Feining this compound cough medicines in both nasal decongestants, central antitussives, antihistamines, there have been repeated drug use, if superimposed medication led to the child intake of too much central antitussives, the child's central nervous system less secure, and easily lead to addiction.

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