1, website update
Website to the network, often to update your existing customers or on behalf of customers in the ordinary course of concern is very necessary, such as updating the company dynamic, product information allows them to keep abreast of the development of the company's situation and trends, to increase the Company credibility; updates Industry News, industry information so that they can prompt attention to the situation of the development of the industry, to increase the site was the degree of concern, and to establish a good brand image in the industry; New listing updates, product promotions and other information, so that customers understand the company's products the latest information. Can also make your site more favored search engine, and more conducive to the improvement of the site's ranking, so that potential customers find you more easily.
2, website maintenance
The normal operation of the site is an important guarantee for the company's online business sources, the website often encountered during operation site can not access, database access error, the site is hacker intrusion, space Expiration, if not monitored to maintain, often things a long time, you know nothing about or has occurred, specifically requested to do this seems a waste of resources, web hosting is a convenient and efficient way to save money!
3, Website Optimization (SEO)
The Yongcheng housekeeper for small and medium-sized enterprises and individuals to provide professional SEO technical team to solve the problem of the search engine rankings of the website. Corporate website can help businesses through the Internet users search for a product or keyword search engine ranking. SEO techniques needed in addition to its own optimized code structure of the website itself and some of the work of the website external link requires cumbersome Ministry Exhibition In general website optimization effect three months before apparent.
4, Website Marketing (SEM)
Were popular in this network, the network has become for people to travel, work, life indispensable part of many people on the network simply can not live, each enterprise network more and more attention, endless corporate Web site, if not fully to promote your site, customers want to find your site is like finding a needle in a haystack, and little hope. This website useless, you can not bring any direct benefits to the enterprise, such a waste of resources is the biggest waste of an enterprise. The main way to promote contains: Q & marketing, forum marketing, blog marketing, industry net registered QQ marketing and promotion of soft paper.
5, the Web site operator
Corporate website operators definitely not one to understand e-commerce or playing computer a person will be able to operate, he needs to have a wealth of experience in network marketing and market judgment. Internet marketing is by no means have a website, done network optimization, network promotion is to achieve the enterprise network operators Gong, that this is not the case, monitoring of traffic analysis, the target user behavior research, analysis of the effect of network marketing plan so to crucial. Overall, the site operators are indispensable in the network marketing system website late work, is also a network marketing system.

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