which food is good for health
Some people say that the elderly and old people with low immunity, health problems is normal. But, you know, if the elderly do a healthy diet, good exercise, and mental health ... the body does not want to clear health is immune. People thought the days, the health of the elderly is of course to the diet, what food is most beneficial to elderly health?

1 chicken. The chicken is the most healthy meat. It is rich in protein and can prevent bone loss. The chicken meat is also rich in selenium and vitamin B, it can prevent cancer, enhance the body energy and help enhance the ability of brain activity.

2 bananas. Bananas are rich in potassium, and potassium body muscles (especially cardiac) to maintain a strong and powerful guarantee. Banana or cellulose, the main source, it not only can prevent the occurrence of cardiovascular disease, but also in the body of excess acids, and it could help the treatment of stomach pain.

3 eggs. Many people do not like to eggs, but the egg is a human protein and lutein good source, it can prevent our eyes from cataract. Scientists have found through research, eat eggs, but also can prevent thrombus formation, and greatly reduce the risk of suffering from infarction and stroke. According to recent research data, a week to eat six eggs may be risk of breast cancer reduced by 44%.

4, brown rice. Many people think that sugar will get fat and avoid eating high sugar content food. But experts believe that sugar is very beneficial for maintaining human energy, and suggested that people usually pay attention to eat some brown rice, and grains contain a large number of fiber foods. The nutritionist said that these foods are beneficial to lower cholesterol levels, reduce the chance of suffering from cardiovascular disease, cancer, gallstones, diabetes and obesity.

5, spinach. The nutrient content of spinach is much higher than other foods. Spinach contains iron, vitamin C, vitamin A and various types of antioxidants, which is conducive to the prevention of infarction and stroke. In addition, spinach can prevent cancer, osteoporosis and arthritis.

6 salmon. Meat, salmon, fish rich in omega-3 fatty acids, can reduce cholesterol levels, can prevent many types of cancer and blood clots. Studies have shown that it can alleviate depression and prevent memory loss. It contains niacin can prevent Alzheimer's disease.

7 herbs. With age, people of taste will be dulled up. In order to make the food more flavor, it will be to increase the amount of salt in food. But eating too much salt will make the blood pressure the way to solve this problem is to put some herbs and spices added to the food. People in their own kitchen to prepare some dry herbs.

8, the garlic. The garlic can prevent cancer and cardiovascular disease, reduce the risk of stroke. In addition, garlic can also relieve pain is also a good helper of the diabetic patients.

9, black fruit. Cranberries black fruit cranberries contain fewer calories, eat lots of. It also contains large amounts of antioxidants, can prevent cataracts, glaucoma, venous distension, hemorrhoids, ulcers, cardiovascular disease and cancer.

Black fruit cranberries can also help reduce stroke brain damage probability and ease gastrointestinal inflammation, and is conducive to the prevention and treatment of gastric disorders.

10 milk. Increase with age, the body's calcium needs is growing, so the daily consumption of foods containing calcium-rich foods is very important. Skim milk in this respect may be the best choice, rich in calcium as skim milk, regular milk not only meets the needs of the human skeleton of calcium, but also the prevention of osteoporosis.

Therefore, the experts recommended that the day should drink 2 cups of skim milk or the equivalent amount of skim yogurt or other calcium-rich food.

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