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Visit to Russia on the eve of a friend told me that, it may be with convenience foods, such as instant noodles, mustard. He said that when he go to Russia in 1992, many major cities in Russia's food crisis, food stores could barely see the food once the food sale, where soon lined up a long queue of shopping. However, I went to Moscow to know, in fact, it is not necessary. Interesting to visit a number of food stores, where food, though not dazzling, but can also be said to be many varieties, but basically did not see a long queue lined up to buy food.
However, an adequate food supply, does not mean that Russian citizens are free to enjoy these foods, for the average Russian citizen, the expensive price is still the invisible shackles. Moscow, working-class income is not high, women generally 100-150 U.S. dollars, male 150-200 U.S. dollars, if the couple has a monthly income of about $ 350, equivalent to 2900 yuan, nearly three per rent overhead , and the rest of 1900 yuan, have two children, 34 for a family of daily overhead will depend on it. The price of food is the equivalent of 2 ~ 10 times of chicken 500 g 11 yuan, pork 500 g for 16 yuan, about 2 times; vegetables are particularly expensive, and less on the store the sale of vegetables are dirty, rotten, do not know after how many passers-way trek shipped, 11 yuan per 500 grams cauliflower, celery, tomatoes, about 4 yuan, garlic 10 yuan. Whether there are water Lingling vegetables.? Also at the exit of the subway station, in the commodities trading market in the middle of the road, and occasionally to see the obesity Russia Aunt, the hands they are holding an enamel plate, or a thin wooden board, above them ten a small tie a small bundle of parsley

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