Acupuncture is a Chinese unique means of treatment of diseases. It is a "disease outside the governance of medicine. Conduction through the meridians, acupoints, and the application of the operation of law, to treat systemic disease. Chinese medicine clinics in the clinical diagnosis of the cause, the key to identify the disease and to identify the nature of the disease, identify lesions belong to which, in turn, which organs, identifying it belongs to that type of exterior and interior, cold and heat, the actual situation, do the diagnosis. And then make the appropriate acupoints prescription treatment.Meridians, adjusting blood, Yin and Yang attributed the relative balance organs function tends to reconcile, so as to achieve the purpose of combating the disease. Acupuncture therapy is the medical part of the heritage of the motherland, is endemic to China, a kind of national health care. Thousands of years, to defend the health, multiply the nation, outstanding contributions, until now, still playing with this task, and trust for the masses.

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