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A market-based situation
Health food in the Mainland, the rise in the 1980s. Ministry of Health "health food management" of health food is defined as: "health food means that foods with specific health functions, suitable for specific food groups, is capable of regulating the body functions, not to treat the disease for the purpose of food. "Where the claimed health foods must be approved by the review confirmed that the Ministry of Health. Qualified food by the Ministry of Health issued a "health food approval certificate (approval number for the" health food key word [year] X, "), and allowed the use of the provisions of the Ministry of Health health food mark.

End of 2000, by the examination and approval of the Ministry of Health food and health-established health food have more than 3,000, 1,700 species, 1,012 of the production of health food companies, health food, the total sales of 30.6 billion yuan. 2001 health food with annual sales of only 17.5 billion yuan, down 43 percent, but industry insiders believe this is the short-term effects of market regulation, the long term, to 2010, sales of health food market in the Mainland is expected to expand to 1,000 billion.

According to incomplete statistics, the results of the six cities of Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Wuhan, Xi'an and health food retail market research at the end of 2001, the variety of health food retail in the commercial terminal is only 20% of the Ministry of Health has approved varieties, which also less than half of the varieties in sales in the period of time. Truly known as the best-selling variety in the market only 1% -2%; 80% of the enterprises, and species can not form a nationwide sales volume.

In early 2002, the Ministry of Health Food Hygiene Supervision, Inspection and 1,528 health food, a statistical analysis, of which 1,383 kinds of domestic health food, there are 145 kinds of imported health food. Origin of domestic products, concentrated in six provinces and cities in Guangdong, Beijing, Shandong, Jiangsu, Shanghai, Tianjin, a total of 764 species, accounting for 55.24 percent of total domestic health food; U.S. products imported products, accounting for about half of all imported food . All investigations of products, health food with the immune function of a total of 602 species, followed by the anti-fatigue function in health food and health food regulation of blood lipids. In addition, 3/4 of the product is only a function of health, slightly less than 1/5 has two functions, 95 kinds of products with more than three health care function, four products with five functions.

Market structure, the main products are classified as calcium market, the market of blood, kidney market, qi market, gastrointestinal market, the beauty market and weight loss market. In the each classification markets, has several leading companies, such as calcium market eel calcium, giant calcium, Yang He the yak Zhuanggu powder, Wei Shiya strong bone powder; blood market, the K of hearts and blood agents; fill The kidney market benevolence Kidney Imperial Cistanche; the qi market turtle balls and gold, base rehabilitation to ginseng series; L. One and other gastrointestinal market; and beauty market is mainly Duo, detoxifies, Tada pearl, and black-bone chicken, snake powder series, etc.; weight loss market is currently dominated America Fuller, Kang Shou big impression, V26 diet Sha Qi and so on.

Currently consists of both food and drugs products made from Chinese herbal medicines can apply for approval for the drug Kin number health care drugs, sold as drugs or food. However, according to the relevant provisions of the Ministry of Health, all drug Kin "word of approval number health care drugs to 2002 December 31, will be canceled. January 1, 2004, drug Kin font the size of the drug on the market will not be allowed to circulate on the market sales. In the meantime, health care drugs must make a choice between "medicine" and "food": test rigorously comply with the drug approval conditions, was replaced by "quasi-drugs" number, and formally incorporated into the pharmaceutical distribution system; does not meet the drug conditions. meet the health food approval criteria, was replaced by "food and health" word number; both inconsistent and undo the text, to stop production and sales. Therefore, manufacturers should be a good product positioning, because both the sales and distribution channel is different.

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