chinese health insurance
Health insurance, the insurance industry to participate in the national medical and health system research to the insurance industry to play a social function and participate in the practice of urban and rural residents basic medical insurance for the study of the main line, building a national multi-level medical services to the insurance industry security system, the population as a whole multi-level, a variety of health insurance and service needs for the research background, research methods to the theory of socialist market economy, laws and regulations, risk management and risk dispersion theory as a research tool to the system of equity and efficiency for research and innovation that, in accordance with the theory with practice and research ideas, ideas and path of the insurance industry to participate in the construction of multi-level medical security system, the positive development of commercial health status and problems involved in handling the management of urban and rural residents basic medical insurance, insurance to participate in a variety of supplementary medical insurance policies and ways to control the demand of the medical risks and measures to strengthen cooperation with medical institutions, environmental and market objectives to create and improve the development of commercial health insurance, social health insurance regulatory and commercial health insurance regulatory priorities and institutional and other major theoretical and practical issues, in-depth study and reflection, and some insights and recommendations that can help us develop research ideas, and constantly enrich the empirical and theoretical studies of the health insurance.

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