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Moderator: Thank you very much Professor Cheng Huang Yuanzhang, you are our expert group which only one from the first line of health experts, and you come from medical and educational institutions, so I'm going to ask two questions, you represent the two categories, the first question I once heard a saying that our School of Medicine to teach doctors how to treat, do not teach doctors how to do a doctor, What do you think you have such a statement? You just said the doctor-patient relationship, and so on, our School of Medicine without his responsibility in this regard? The second problem is that you just said, more than 80% of people do not get sick, in fact, healthy for people to let them develop a healthy lifestyle, to form a better life are important. In this regard, do you think the government can do what kind of input? What kind of things can be done to ensure people's health is not just to take care of their health care?

Huang: Thank you, you ask these two questions are very important, let me first answer the first question, China Medical Education is responsible, but this responsibility can not be completely attributed to medical education in China, should be attributed to a lot of history reasons. Why? The biomedical model based on the life sciences in the last century has indeed played a significant role in promoting human health, control of infectious diseases. But in the 1950s, the world's developed countries have control of infectious diseases, that in 1900, the United States is 10 people dead eight people died of infectious diseases, 1950, 10 people died only about 1, 2 people dead in infectious diseases, mostly chronic diseases. By the 1950s, when China or the United States in 1900 when, because the Chinese war, so there is no one to care them is to accept advanced biomedical model was 50 years too late. To the 1950s when the West has a single disease single due to the biomedical model to solve the problem of not chronic diseases. Chronic diseases, the original TB is caused by TB bacilli that Mycobacterium tuberculosis eradication like, but hypertension is no way, so we do research. Research to the 1970s, found that a person's health or disease, not only due to biological factors, including psychology, sociology, the environment, so new, many diseases because of health model.

50s and 60s of last century the United States is also, and we now feel more, and quickly built the hospital to build the School of Medicine to train doctors to spend a lot of money to no avail, the disease more and more. Out to the scientific conclusions of the 1970s alone to see a doctor is not enough, the Government of Canada first began to shift, for the policy was concerned about a doctor is difficult and expensive, he said we can not now so engaged, we are concerned about health, to solve environmental to address the personal factors.

1970s, what is it? Chinese Cultural Revolution, no one keeps this thing to 80 years reform and opening up to go out and learn Chinese at that time also there is no chronic diseases, first of all there is no demand, China to learn, or learn how from the biological point of view of infectious diseases controlled. The second school was out the 1960s graduated only able to speak English in order to go out, so I went out to learn the textbooks of the 1950s, the textbooks of the 1950s is the most glorious time of the biomedical model, control of infectious diseases, just like Mangrenmoxiang , go out and touched the elephant foot. Major health medical model of language is very high, we had a lot of people out due to language, such as doctors to give ordinary people talk about risk factors is talk, not rely on experiments to do it, we went out basic laboratory a school is very good, China is now a world-class biomedical, clinical out school is not allowed to your doctor so you can only do in the laboratory, clinical and can not be reconciled in the laboratory to look at the hospital in the end what happened, find that their ultrasound of CT of these good things. Those things but the doctor told the patient's speech is to talk about risk factors not have the opportunity to learn, so China is now the medical equipment is also a world-class, no problem.

But our doctors do not know how to speak with the people, because our teachers to the biomedical model learned it from him, great, that time does need to. I learned to teach my students, so the Chinese students in general do not know the major health models, and only know the doctor, take medicine, do not know to tell the people the way of life is very important, of course, there are a number of advanced The doctor is very good, like Professor Hu Dayi, but true that most doctors have not received training in this area, this is a matter of medical education.

In addition there is the doctor's license exam is also a problem, the United States Medical Licensing Examination test the content of the seven aspects, of which there are two aspects of psychological, social, environmental, these things, but China is not. Also affected by the biomedical model, the price positioning of China set the wrong, the doctor told the patient chat is not money, but the doctor told the patient chat is the most expensive is the cheapest to prescribe medication for these reasons. cause our entire medical education, In fact, from the 1970s, 1980s, our Hu Professor called for medical mode change, but those of us who speak of people dissatisfied with the light, no one listens so caused the entire medical education reform ignored the so many years. Finally, we have just Ke Professor Yang also say, is to add something of human nature into, but the increase does not go in, because the whole economic drive behind. Prescribe medication to open more than like, for example, a very simple thing, if you got common cold, then there are no complications you play the fluids are completely wrong, study medicine is taught, can medicine do not injections, play muscles pin should not fluids, but all good play fluids. Last time I asked the Union Medical College Hospital, Professor Wang, I said to Professor Wang, a good fight to hang for? She was wrong, I am wrong, including our Union Medical College Hospital, why should we fight? She said I do not hit him he hit me, the whole community was misled, there is no way. I am a fellow said to his wife, stomach pain, read a dozen times to look bad, every time a two thousand dollars medicine, I am looking for a classmate to him after watching he called me and said you introduced drugs, what the doctor only gave me 100 dollars and I said you do not panic two days later to say, two days later called me and said the doctor, 100 yuan of money to solve the thousands of dollars did not solve the problem.

China as a whole the public have been misled, as if the drug is too expensive, and better. This is wrong. However, due to the society as a whole have been misled, coupled with the defects of medical education, together with the dislocation of the pricing policy, and so cause this phenomenon. So to answer your second question, the government can do, the government can do a lot of the public health, public health, it is to solve public health problems, I personally think there are four important elements, indispensable, the first government-led; second universal participation; third scientific guidance; fourth technical assistance to help. But the technology on the first, in fact, we are talking about science and technology is not science, technology, embodiment of the scientific, rather than real science and technology. Technology has now told us injections, medication is the solution not a health problem, but we are now the whole health care reform was the purpose of health care reform, protection of health, but the implementation of specific, all day to discuss the medical treatment is difficult. and expensive problems, and even mobilize the enthusiasm of the people see a doctor, I personally think that these are completely wrong. Including the establishment of the basic medical insurance system should be a measure should not be a purpose. The purpose of the health of the Chinese people, health is the goal. Therefore, the Government must first change their ideas, take the most expensive at the policy level, most health care resources can not be replaced to restore to the original should the price of the cheapest restored to the original cheap price. Now the outrageous you can imagine, the U.S. imports of drugs than the United States, selling more expensive, so the Government can do a lot of things in the environment, in terms of education the people, thank you.

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