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Beijing's winter is always accompanied by wind, against the infringement of the skin caused by the Peninsula Spa has designed a 150-minute spa treatment, including: body scrubs, facials and hot stone massage.
The guests here will be the first to taste the ginger tea and enjoy the fresh ginger foot scrub, clean feet, while the whole body comfort and warmth.
Carried out after the body scrub, choice of coarse salt and nourishing oils, and enjoy the supreme care of the skin in the cold and dry winter.
Next, skilled therapists use heated river stone combine in-depth massage Chinese acupressure and European massage two kinds of skills for the guests, the release of the systemic pressure.
After this 30-minute facial treatment is tailored in accordance with the individual's skin characteristics, the facial skin to re-Hwan new look.
Finally the head decompression massage with nourishing the scalp and hair repair products, and enable the body to restore balance, a perfect end to this pleasant spa trip.
The Peninsula Spa by the experience of each physiotherapy thermal energy facilities began to heat facilities can make the body completely relaxed, and then the full enjoyment of the effectiveness of physical therapy techniques and essential oils. The thermal energy facilities in room hot jade steam room and sauna, two facilities can make the skin pores open, increased perspiration, and to promote the body blood circulation. After the ice placed on the skin surface, the skin quickly adjust to a new life. Seven shower fashion bathing facilities can also make the body relax.

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