chinese health statistics health statistics "[1] magazine was founded in September 1984, the Ministry of Health of the People's Republic of China in charge of the Chinese Society of Health Statistics, China Medical University, sponsored by the national health statistics specialized academic bimonthly, China Health Statistics Proceedings of the Society is the only national health statistics specialized academic journals and Chinese medicine class Chinese core journals and the National Science and Technology Science and Technology Statistics source journals.
Articles task is timely reports on the reform of scientific research and health statistics information and health development of the discipline of our health statistics, academic discussions, exchange of experience on the progress of the study of health statistics, and universal access to health statistics knowledge. The main audience for the staff of health institutions at all levels of health statistics, health technicians, and medical colleges and health statistics specialized teaching and research staff.
The main columns
"Health Statistics" magazine is a bimonthly, international public offering. Format for 210mm × 297mm, 112 per issue, about 150 000 words. Other part has: monographs, on the summary, short reports, hospital statistics, case studies, academic discussion, review, thematic conversation by writing, lectures, translations, problems with thinking, teaching and research, exchange of experiences, data, computer applications.
Data reference
Articles editor by Mr Eddy Chan, Professor, served as the editorial board composed of five national health statistics academic experts, 11 of whom is the executive director of the China Institute of Health Statistics. Since it began, "Health Statistics" magazine has been subject to the majority of health care and support of statisticians, and its circulation in the journal Preventive Medicine series is relatively high. Received number of nearly 650 a year or so, the total published rate of 25% to 30%, which was published during the year rate of about 50%. According to a statistical analysis of all papers published by the scholars of our country are 16 kinds of periodicals preventive medicine and the main branches of disciplines from 1989 to 1993 results show that the "Health Statistics" magazine has been included in the efficient group of core journals Journal of Chinese quotations, this issue citations of self-citation rate of 11.7 percent, ranked No. 4 in the 16 journals, professional literature half-life of 3.68 years, ranked No. 3, the attenuation coefficient of the Journal Citation 27.09, ranked No. 8, which is equivalent to the average of the 16 journals .
The development process
"Health Statistics" magazine 20 years, under the correct leadership of the Ministry of Health, the Chinese Society of Health Statistics, China Medical University, guidance and support for this publication in the promotion of Health, through the unremitting efforts of the previous editorial board and editorial board the development of statistical science and health statistics reform played an important role to get the support and love of the workers and readers of the majority of health statistics.

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