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China was the world known as the "treasure trove of herbal medicine, Chinese herbal medicine has been difficult to open the international market. According to German media recently revealed that the German farmers have opened up a specialized plantations, and is vigorously developing Chinese herbal medicine planting industry. Germany, the Chinese have pointed out that this Chinese herbal medicine is very worthy of attention.

    China planted expert guidance in person

    Franken region located in the affluent German state of Bavaria. According to the "Franken Daily reported, is located in the Franken region town of Rolle, farmers would use planting Chinese herbal medicine to open up new markets. In Nuremberg, the Bavarian State Minister of Agriculture, Miller is responsible for this project, said that this was the first in Germany to carry out Chinese traditional medicine for the purpose of planting projects.

    It is reported that under the expert guidance of herbs planted by farmers in China have mastered a lot of expertise, such as cultivation, processing and quality assurance, Rolle Town, the first three farmers planted three hectares of Chinese herbal medicine. Bavarian State Department of Agriculture is responsible for the use of these herbs Rolle Town, planted mainly can be used for the treatment of gastrointestinal inflammation, Scutellaria grass, and angelica, feverfew, and Prunella. And here is "green" herbal farms, water quality, air, soil pollution-free, pest-resistant and no use of pesticides, and genetic control techniques.

    Miller said that with the increase in demand for the cultivation of Chinese herbal medicine will become increasingly popular. Rolle Town, Chinese herbal medicine farms just test sites. "If the harvest to achieve the desired goals, we will be in full swing planting".

    Chinese herbal medicine popular in Germany

    Germany known as the "thermometer" of the global herbal medicine market, whether it is in the size of the market or product development, occupies a pivotal position. According to statistics, Chinese herbal medicine in Germany with annual sales of $ 2.2 billion, approximately $ 36.55 per capita consumption of Chinese herbal medicine. Meanwhile, Germany is also the use of Chinese herbs in Western Europe countries, accounting for 70% of the EU market, over 58% of the German taking Chinese herbal medicine. At present, the German Ministry of Health approved the availability of herbal about 300 kinds, and 35,000 doctors to use herbs.

    German herbal medicine traders said Dr. Paul Sylvester, Germany to grow their own herbs, probably connected with the Chinese herbal medicine is difficult to import related. The German market is open to the traditional Chinese medicine, but the barriers remain high, the German provisions must be monitoring the quality of medicines and to apply for a certificate, to ensure that Chinese herbal pesticide and metal components. Consumer advocates have been made in China, herbs are very prejudice, they warned that Chinese herbal medicine and is not in accordance with the provisions of the formal examination. Chinese herbal medicine containing excessive fertilizer, pesticides, insecticides, herbicides and heavy metal elements in German pharmacies will often sampling has recently just seized four. Reported even more of a magazine "terrorist," said the 80 kinds of Chinese herbal medicine containing a considerable number of heavy metals and pesticides, the highest 100-fold higher than the German herbal products.

    In addition, Chinese herbal medicine species are too complicated, the German does not understand Chinese herbal medicine, it also allows the import of Chinese herbal medicine is very difficult. "Chinese herbal medicine is difficult to import into Germany is a big problem." Said Dr. Lee opened a Chinese medicine clinics in Germany, originally TCM treatment of 80% rely on herbal medicine, 20% rely on acupuncture. Due to lack of herbs, most of the treatment are forced to the use of acupuncture, the effect will naturally be lower. 64-year-old Miss Mo He said two years ago she was suffering from anemia, the past over six months, she received TCM treatment, Chinese medicine is helpful, and now her heart beat regularly than ever, no longer tired .

    Side is a Chinese herbal medicine can not be imported from China, while it is a great demand for Chinese herbal medicine. "Said Dr. Paul Sylvester, Germany" compelling "began to develop Chinese herbal medicine planting industry.

    China is not "herbal power"

    As the world's herbal treasure "of China's existing Chinese herbal medicine is almost 1.3 million, only 320 kinds of commonly used herbal medicine, the total reserves of 8.5 million tons.

    It is regrettable that although China is the world recognized herbal, but because of the external bias and the Chinese side for some reason, China is not yet the herbal power, the share of international market share is less than 10%.

    Dr. Paul Sylvester, Chinese herbal medicine to be exported, the West, must have a few conditions. The development of Chinese herbal medicine to keep up with modern technology, many Chinese herbal medicine companies on the international pharmaceutical market and the national drug regulatory poorly understood, difficult to get the "access card" of the importing country. He believes that Chinese herbal medicine to quickly enter the German market, you can find a partner in Germany, to help them get through the imports of road.

    In addition, herbal quality is the key. Paul Sylvester Japanese herbal medicines sold in Germany thanks to its high quality. Japanese law is very strict drug inspection requirements, each ingredient must undergo a rigorous inspection, and inspection reports will be officially announced. Check so strict, naturally, comes at a price, that is, the Japanese herbal medicine three times more expensive than Chinese herbal medicine prices. "In addition, Chinese herbal medicine should also increase the new technology, including the extraction and preparation technology development. He even said that a Chinese sounds may or may not be served if: Chinese herbal medicine exports 'stumbling block' is not someone else, but Chinese companies.

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