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Department of Health of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government on the 19th to sign a contract with Taiwan and China Medical University, Hong Kong Chinese Materia Medica Standards Scheme (Hong Kong standard plan), the seventh Chinese herbal medicines for the sampling and research work to strengthen cooperation.
The signing ceremony held at China Medical University, Taichung City, Hong Kong's standard plan, Dr Lam Ping-yan, president of China Medical University in Taiwan, Huang Jung-tsun, served as the contract on behalf of. Dr Lam Ping-yan said that the smooth progress of ongoing research cooperation, the two sides will further deepen research work in the Chinese Materia Medica Standards.
Since 2011, Taiwan's China Medical University, turmeric, betel nut, Rosa laevigata, educational and other four kinds of Chinese herbal medicines to help Hong Kong Department of Health conducted a standard-setting study. After the contract is signed, Polygonum vine, orange, holly leaves, lotus and other four kinds of Chinese herbal medicines will also be started.
Hong Kong marked the program began in 2002, aimed to develop reference standards on safety and quality of herbal medicines commonly used in Hong Kong. Up to now, has been completed for 98 kinds of Chinese herbal medicines commonly used in the reference standard, and four studies published book by the pharmaceutical industry praise. 2012, the Hong Kong standard plan will aggregate to complete the standard setting of 200 kinds of Chinese herbal medicines.

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