chinese nutrition
Chinese Nutrition Society [1] was founded in 1945, 1950, incorporated into the physiological sciences. Resume the approval of the China Association for Science and Technology in 1981. To accept the guidance and supervision of the business unit in charge of the China Association for Science and the organization registration and management unit of the People's Republic of China Ministry of Civil Affairs, the Institute affiliated to the Ministry of Health. Learn to carry out the work under the leadership of the Council, Shen Zhiping, Gujing Fan, Chen Xiaoshu were either first, second and third president, Ge Yu-Jen fourth, fifth, and sixth chairman, Cheng Yi-yong is currently the seventh director length.
The Chinese Nutrition Society has joined the International Union of Nutritional Sciences (The IUNS) and the Asian Nutrition Societies (FANS). Society of the existing members of more than 12,000, located in the nation's research, teaching, disease prevention, health care, food, agriculture and other sectors. 
Prepared by the Chinese Nutrition Society, through the organization of academic writing, organizing conferences, seminars, etc. to promote international and domestic nutrition academic exchange and cooperation; through continuing education and technical training for the field of nutritional science, to improve the business of the members and the general nutrition science and technology workers level. Society is also active in science activities to popularize the knowledge of nutrition to improve the nation's nutritional knowledge to guide the National reasonable food choices to achieve a balanced diet to promote good health. Chinese Nutrition Society experts, based on the characteristics of the Chinese people's diet dietary guidelines and balanced diet pagoda ", revised in 2007 to intensify propaganda. Society of 2008 but also to write a "nutritional science series (10), science and plain language so that ordinary people can better understand the nutritional knowledge. The Society also organized nutritional science lectures, opening expert advice hotline, set up columns and the newspapers and magazines, radio and other means to promote knowledge of nutritional science. Chinese Nutrition Society, established their own websites: Institute of academic activity trends, current work, scientific knowledge is an important window for professionals and ordinary people to get the nutrition knowledge.
The Chinese Nutrition Society, launched China's first Chinese residents of Dietary Reference Intake (Chinese DRIs), as well as China's first nutrition science monographs nutritional science book, "the Chinese Nutrition Society in 2004 set up the Chinese Nutrition Society, Science and Technology Award , once every two years to reward outstanding contributions to the cause of Nutritional Sciences, collective and individual.
The Chinese Nutrition Society, commissioned by the Government, organizations involved in the formulation of national nutrition guidelines, policies and administrative regulations. For example, to accept the National Food and Nutrition commissioned by the Advisory Committee, participated in the drafting of the 2001-2010 Food and Nutrition Development Platform; accept the State Council Legislative Affairs Office and the Ministry of Health commissioned to bear the drafting of the national nutrition Ordinance; for labor and social security commissioned by the Ministry of Public nutritionist preparation to participate in the national vocational qualification training course.
Improving universal nutrition, and promote the health of the people "is the goal of the Chinese Nutrition Society and the entire Chinese nutrition science and technology workers.

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