chinese oolong of tea health benefits
 Tea in the tea-drinking folk customs; it is the heritage of traditional culture. The tea things for the center through people's lives, and evolving on a traditional basis, become part of the tea culture, its rich content, all showed a wind bearing.
    A wedding with tea: tea and wedding, simple, application in the wedding tea as part of the etiquette. When does it? Tang Zhenguan 15 years (641), Wencheng princess to Tibet, according to the manners of the nation to bring tea, caused so far completed more than 1,300 years. Tang Dynasty, the tea of ​​the wind is very Sheng society on the customs of your tea, tea has become an indispensable gift of marriage. Song, a dowry gift from the woman married to the evolution of man to the woman to marry him dowry. Yuan Ming, the "tea ceremony" is almost synonymous with marriage. Women employed by the tea ceremony known as "tea". The girl by the family tea ceremony is the ethical marriage. Qing Dynasty, Fujian in many places still retain the concept of the tea ceremony. Said "women do not eat two tea". The best shift of the tea, flowering, seed still known as the mother and son meet, that loyalty unwavering. Today, many of our rural areas still engaged, married referred to as the "tea," tea ", the engagement of the deposit referred to as" tea gold, bride price called the "tea ceremony tea gift can not be small.
     For Bridal or wedding ceremony using the tea used as a ritual, mainly for the bride and groom to pay a cup of tea "," Harmony tea or the Shane tea presented to parents, elders, "recognize relatives by marriage and other ceremonies old in the statehood jade source (now Jianou Chuan Shi Xiangdong Department) family in squire Yu-significant-page fair tea tea to mediate civil disputes, mediation tea, judge tea and a special "divorce tea.
    , Tea sacrifice: This is just a cult. "Offerings for the festival, the CD-based cake, tea, rice, wine, candied, no or low salt with this system." Qi Wudi Xiao Yi is one of the Southern thrifty minority rulers, he advocated the tea for offerings, and the folk customs, absorbed into the funeral of the ruling class, and to encourage and promote this system. Our worship activities, as well as Heaven, Jide, Jizao, ritual, sacrifice cents, Buddhist festival, not the best side. The ancient festival with tea, the general three forms: Note to tea in the teacup, tea cup; do not cook the bulbs only put dry tea; hold tea, long home teapot, Chazhong as a symbol. Now, in many places set up the ceremony monastery located on the instrument the case of original remains with tea set case.
    Tea festival offerings, we can say the development process of the tea culture derived from a kind of feudal superstition, vice culture. But a true reflection of the phenomenon of human history.
    Tea customs: China's vast territory, large population with many ethnic groups, its tea customs of different styles, all was elegance. Mount Wuyi tea customs square There is an ancient form of tea, hospitality, Friends of tea, tea friendship. Inherited by the ancient tea customs so far can still be seen in some rural or tea houses, forming a unique tea culture.
    Jingcha: Wuyi Mountain is more common in rural areas of Tea is off to offer tea, cup of tea and temporarily detain a guest, expressed greetings and respect of the Wuyi Mountain guests. Tourists to offer tea, Friends of tea reflecting the the Wuyishan person the Emotion hospitality of the virtues and traditional etiquette. Since the Song Dynasty, the Wuyi Mountain Folk handed off to Mo suspected of tea when the customs of the wine ", probably off to, chatted with regards to invite the families of the seat, the owner, immediately wash the pot lights or fire, make tea, red tea and water, Sincerely, a cup of tea. Master pay attention to the side, as appropriate, "; the guests pay attention to" take, drink, side "move, the owner left, left hand bottom of the cup, right thumb, forefinger and middle finger hold on the cup body, bent tea, smiled and said: Please use the tea. " Tea should both hands to pick the cup, Road thank you, sip Duanbei fine, praise the master tea good, good, a tea, chatted Xuhua, master complex a tea Yinbi can not I Ze dumping, the owner must be the guests left before cleaning up, washing the tea.

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