Event Review: China and the U.S. gypsum board proceedings since the beginning of the storm, U.S. media reported that the fever humid areas of the coast of the United States some families due to the use of domestic gypsum board, metal components of the house, especially air conditioners and other electrical parts black or rust withto a huge security risk. Chinese-made plasterboard to affect human health.

       Recently, the corrosion of electrical components for the gypsum board, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (hereinafter referred to as "the CPSC") issued an updated research report that Chinese-made gypsum board will not cause any short-term or long-term electrical system components security risks. The electrical components are safe, sufficient to withstand the test of real live problem housing site environment and long-term hydrogen sulfide simulation environment.

       Since China and the U.S. gypsum board proceedings turmoil, the so-called "gypsum board on one after another by the Sino-US research institutions confirmed no effect on human health and environmental safety.
       In January 2011, the domestic gypsum board toxic, "said one had already been confirmed to be non-existent. Not only the relevant research institutions in China released study confirms that in the domestic gypsum board non-toxic, CPSC also announced the investigation report shows that the domestic gypsum board product quality and the U.S. media reported 11 people dead and has nothing to do, the gypsum board does not have an impact on health .

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