the community health and wellness
According to reports, the CITIC real estate spending huge sums to the customer in order to effectively create a healthy lifestyle, and the well-known health care consulting services company, a large amount of money to invite ten of South China and the country's top medical experts, to provide health advice to the CITIC owners. On the morning of the 15th of this month, one of the ten doctors, Professor Yan Can live the lectures of the basic principles and methods of TCM.
The reporter learned that the existing two experts in the palace garden, CITIC the CITIC Lake Forest lanxi, Valley site reservation customers professional health advice.
In the morning, CITIC Lake Forest Lanxi Valley 2012 looking for the most beautiful bride "activities was officially launched. New election by the sea will be a collective wedding ceremony held in Lanxi Valley the jackfruit Wedding Garden, Mercedes-Benz luxury cars, city-wide parade, Yves Saint Laurent wedding photography full free new make-up and with the film. Wedding day, the activities provided $ 8,000 worth of wedding for each couple, worth $ 4000 dress set. In addition, CITIC Real Estate will also mention the new value of 10,000 yuan for each pair of romantic Thai island tour.
In addition, Park Harmony CITIC community photography contest awards on the same day. The CITIC community first photography contest was officially launched in November 2011, received a total of more than 520 works of the creation of more than 120 owners. City Photographers initial evaluation of professional judges, 120 outstanding works stand out, in which room Yong forest dance works eventually won awards and high cash incentives.

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