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Remember: sleep is the first element of health. Sleep time should be 21:00 as early as 3:00. Because this time is a day of winter, the winter the main reservoir, do not hide in winter, spring and summer is not long, two days no spirit.

All drug treatment for treating the symptoms not the root of the problem, whether Chinese or Western medicine, because the absolute root of all disease is wrong due to wrong fruit will not generate an error results. Wrong because they do not in addition to. root for better health in mind all the law from the heart. purity of heart, body net so ill, do not seek out and rely on their own repair system to repair their own disease. In fact, humans and animals is the same as the animal disease are on their own, people can be.

3, the correct concept is far more expensive drugs and dangerous surgery can help patients to eliminate the disease. With the right concept, you will be the right decision, you will have the correct behavior, you can prevent the occurrence of many diseases.

4 people have all the wisdom, certainly not learned from books, but from a sincere heart, pure mind (Bodhicitta Buddhist said), born from fixed.

5 to construct the most perfect of all creatures spiritual body, a healthy body is rooted in the life; the regulation of the health status of the regulation of repair systems rely on the human body itself has done, rather than external factors, external factors only play a supporting role.

Six people, most of the sick phenomenon is the phenomenon of human adjustment, cleaning the body garbage, the body automatically adjust the balance shown by the state, we should treat them as a normal physiological phenomenon and should not be to regard it as the cause of to destroy. So when ill, and must not resent Chen Huixin, I want stability, heart rule smoother and smoother blood Chang Chang Shun blood gas riddled with extinction.

7 people's health can not be separated from the two major elements: 1) a sufficient number of blood; 2) the smooth flow of meridians (channels) of blood vessels and excretion of garbage.

8 rely on enough of the blood: ~ midnight 1 point 40) quality of sleep enough food + bile + necessary time (late after dark (this time the brain does not work, led by the autonomic) + good habits.

9 smooth the meridians need: clean heart. All emotions will destroy the pure heart, thereby undermining the normal operation of the meridian.

10 maintain a healthy body not only needs the income (increase in the blood), also need savings (reduce flesh and blood loss).

11 excessive increase in food not only does not increase blood gas, and will become the burden of the body in the garbage, in turn, have to rely on the consumption of blood gas they clean out. Internal organs is a blood gas processing plants, food raw materials, processing capacity is limited, and food is unlimited, so the quantity of food must be controlled.

12, appropriate exercise can help a person's blood to run, but also in the consumption of human blood. Body microcirculation should rely on static, loose to achieve, and this is healthy and essential.

13 garbage in the human body is more, the greater the need for more blood gas to clear them, the human blood gas because of the increase in garbage and the blocking of the blood reduce, thus creating a vicious circle, this is precisely the mechanism of human aging. So, who wants health is not old, it is necessary to: 1) reduce the body of waste; 2) increase the smooth flow of blood meridian; 3) To increase the body's blood.

14 believe that its drug, I believe that the inspection data, it is better to trust their own feelings, believe that they are endowed self-regulating capacity. But under the premise of your enlightenment (wisdom opened) in order to distinguish between these.

15 health, from regulating Mind. To your health, you are Buddhist. Buddhist Happiness is the highest enjoyment of life.

16 people with a chronic disease, and only adequate blood (described here supplement the blood, the second is through sit-ins to play the ventilator), the disease will emerge. The practice of people in the effort to reach a certain level will have some "sick" phenomenon. This time to yourself, but settled down to do more static power to increase their own blood, so as to tide over this period.

17 contrary to the health law, will not necessarily get sick immediately, but once the formation of habits, it will greatly increase the chance of illness. This traffic rules, you violated the traffic rules will not necessarily be an accident, but the danger is obvious.

18 why it is necessary to maintain a certain hunger is beneficial to the health? In fact, this is the "virtual" Magical. Taoism, the virtual is spiritual. And modesty to make progress, complacent people behind the same, so one must always maintain the "Spirit of the Void," the state can always remain sober and to stay healthy.

19 people in order to health, it is necessary to make the body have enough "gas" to the "gasification" into the food. Only in this way, your body is not the accumulation of garbage, there will be no surplus food to the release of free "virtual fire "damage to the organs of your body." false fire "in turn, will be the loss of your" gas. "So, from this sense, the modern sick, most of the sake of the diet section.

21 As the saying goes "had a new inspiration to come". This "machine" if you can really comprehend thoroughly, then your perception is even opened. Teacher, doctors treatment, in fact, is coaching you this "machine", so that the "machine" to open. The "machine", sometimes called the "critical". Of course, this "machine" works is conditional only reach a certain concentration, and hydrogen, in a fire was burning and explosion. Remember, the role of others are external, your own real internal.

22 In fact, many real discoveries and inventions, not the so-called system of book knowledge; the contrary, one did not receive any systematic education, savvy high, with an open mind, he often truly realized the truth.

23 life is very sensitive to an arbitrary word, fretting, foreign tangled things internally can disturb blood gas, so that loss of normal. Where terrorist angry grew by nearly faint doubt, are chaotic, the source of short-lived for the sick, not only to recuperate should not be arbitrary, ie, when the ranks of the Ping avoid fretting.

More than 24 angry hurt liver, multi-prostitution kidney injury, and more food but also hurt the stomach. Concerned injured spleen, anger, hurt the liver, and labor to consider distracting.

25 since the disease, all from the heart is weak, the evils multiply into. Guilty of qi is weak, and every angry chaos by the heart and soul, the body really does not charge and found all kinds of unease. Gluttony greed wins greedy greedy Yue Yi, are sufficient to pathogenicity. To the greed of not Ever anger. Tanchen allows shortness of breath, heart rendering bile shock liver Wang, six vein vibration, five internal organs boiling evils multiply into the cause of the disease were.

26 mortal desires longevity, should Chubing. Desire cure disease, when the gas. For gas, the head of cultivation. Cultivation of the law, the head aligning.

27 by the five elements of air and rule the students, so the flesh to the gas main. Gas loss, disease, qi stagnation, disease. To cure the disease, first put the gas.

28 air of Blood Circulation, blood qi, two one. Mortal long as the injured blood long injury lay gas sedentary injury flesh, long established bone injury, a long line of injured tendons, the emotions too debilitating sad kidney. Huo, really Yang consumption,

29 cure the disease of the five internal organs, and Mo in the first qi. Kidney Jew urgent Yan. Qi in the Do not be tempted, the heart is liver Wang each vein shocked, really water depletion.
Heart for the fans, the main the wind. Wind, Huo Huo water dry water dry land loss is.

Pull oneself together a 30's heart, by rule by the letter Kennedy heart are two hearts consistency, you can rule all diseases, all running around.

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