health insurance in china
At the forum, Wang Qishan heard statements by the representatives of the Shanghai municipal government is responsible comrades and insurance companies. He said that since the reform and opening up of the insurance industry changes. Along with industrialization and urbanization accelerate the people's living standards improve, the huge development potential and opportunities of the insurance industry. Face of the current challenges at home and abroad, to strengthen their confidence in the insurance industry efforts to promote sound and rapid development.
Wang pointed out that China's insurance industry is still in the early stage of development, the development of the market is relatively immature, the reform of the institutional mechanisms, organizational system innovations, laws and regulations to improve and so requires a process of exploration. Must be in accordance with the requirements of the "12th Five-Year Plan, based on the current long-term perspective, bit by bit from start to accelerate changes in the insurance industry, optimize the layout and structure of the insurance industry, the speed of development and structure, quality and efficiency of economic growth. Vigorously develop the insurance business of pension, health care, responsibility, and foster specialization and regional insurance agencies. Reform and improve the policy of insurance business, and increase efforts to support the export of large complete sets of equipment. And the market mechanism and policy support combine to strengthen the "rural", small and micro enterprises, technological innovation, shipping and other aspects of insurance services.
Wang stressed, "A Better Business Xing the financial Xing; stability of all trades, financial stability". Properly handle the insurance industry and the trades and industries in the relationship, to strengthen insurance supervision, and improve macro-prudential, capital adequacy, access to exit, risk disposal regulatory system, strengthen the regulatory coordination, and to hold not the bottom line of the systemic and regional risks. Cracking down on insurance fraud, to solve the problem of difficult claims, misleading sales and standardize the market order, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of insurance consumers, and establish a good image of the insurance industry.
Wang pointed out that the core of the modernization is the modernization of people. Insurance companies the essentials of a good team with good team, good job management, strengthen personnel training, to establish an effective incentive and restraint mechanisms, fully mobilize the enthusiasm of the cadres and workers.
Wang investigated the part of financial institutions. He said the insurance industry is a sunrise industry. Various types of insurance companies to closely focus on a variety of market demand, highlighting the main industry, speed up the business, product and service innovation. Local insurance companies should be based on local and unique.
During the inspection, Wang Qishan of Shanghai in recent years, economic and social development as well as the achievements of Shanghai international financial center and fully affirmed.

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