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Qigong enthusiasts from across the UK, more than 300, 21 in south London, Surrey Epson demonstrate the General Assembly was held to greet the arrival of the London Olympic Games the Chinese way.
Qigong enthusiasts on the lawn in front of the Epson city of Bern Convention Center, with the music show to the local residents the charm of Qigong. Specially rushed to the Epson Mayor of speech for the exhibition, Sheila Carlson said: "Qigong look great, look like investment in the practice of these enthusiasts, I know that is certainly very beneficial to the body . "
When the reporter asked whether she would consider becoming an enthusiast, Carlson around Qigong coach Tony Ha Dingman said: "I should go to his club registration." Ha Dingman practice Tai Chi and Qigong 40 years in the local open a Tai Chi and Qigong Club.
The General Assembly of the Health Qigong show sponsored by the Chinese Health Qigong Association, British Association of Qigong contractor, specially came to participate in the activities of the State Sports General Administration Health Qigong Management Center, deputy director Renwang Lan, surprised by the scale of development of Qigong in the United Kingdom, Because more than 300 people, 95% are genuine British. Li Hui said: "In fact, the requirements go, this is only a small part, they are from all across the UK to some in order to participate in today's activities in the UK in 20 years of Tai Chi and Qigong teaching from Northern Ireland to fly over. "
Li Hui is the Chairman of the British Health Qigong Association, Ip Chi Wai, she and her husband has been engaged in the promotion of Qigong, she said, and now the whole of the UK Health Qigong lovers nearly 10,000.
"Qigong is not only for fitness, is also involved in the treatment of many chronic diseases, relieve fatigue and stress so many people in a healthy condition, This is also fascinated by the British," said Li Hui.
Anne Norman from London to practice Qigong has been four and a half years, she dedicated the same day from 50 km outside the home, rushed over to participate in performances, has been retired, she said: "I've been practicing Qigong for four and a half years, I often feel anxious, a lot of pressure, the practice four years later, I am very confident, happy mood. "
According to Wang Lan, September 2011, the Health Qigong project was awarded the International Olympic Committee (IOC) Mass Sports Development and Promotion Award ". International Olympic Committee, the Qigong unrestricted, everyone involved in the promotion of human physical and mental health have a positive effect.
Living in north London, Peter Wall, Deputy Chairman of the Technical Committee of the International Wushu Federation to attend the exhibition. In his view, Qigong and martial arts in the UK likely to be promoted, because the purpose of Qigong is to relax, eliminate fatigue and ease the pressure, while the martial arts has a competitive nature, is more suitable for young people to practice.

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