the chinese diet of
   I would like to say a diet story.
    To borrow the language of the Hong Kong TV series "This story is purely fictitious and any similarity is purely coincidental", the story is this.
    The eve of U.S. President Richard Nixon visited China in 1972, in order to test and open channels of ice-breaking, live an obscure U.S. diplomat in Pakistan came to China through third-party secret, to know that before this Department of State never officially received a U.S. officials, the negotiations naturally without any problems, but how to arrange the diet of the American Department of State is a headache, consult, has a wealth of diplomatic experience, Premier Zhou said with a smile "You do not have to worry about, I have arranged the".
    It is said that the Americans are part of French descent, a preference for food, fat body, thick lips, squint eyes, seems to have been looking for food, noon, the translation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to take him to the restaurant, and tells the afternoon after the conclusion of the negotiations, there will be a small welcoming reception at noon, please bear with U.S. diplomats had a stupid stay in a small kitchen table, do the Chinese people are still hostile confrontation and the United States?
    A nice waiter pushing the dining car to the room, beautiful stainless steel covered with a large container, what food? Americans already know Chinese food, not only variety, and the flavor is particularly good, removed the lid, American diplomats can not help but be a little disappointed: a large plate with a bamboo basket, the lower display of fresh vegetables, vegetable leaves studded with some trimming of fruit, strawberry and kumquat dishes in the middle of a roast chicken, chicken shape is very beautiful and lifelike.
    After the dish was served, the Americans, I do not know where to start looking at the startled diplomat, the waiter handed chopsticks and Western knife and fork, she motioned to the diplomat to knock on what seems to soar to great roast chicken with chopsticks body, diplomatic official skeptical of a knock, grilled chicken is actually a move, a poached egg under your butt, just fall into the carving good half oranges, the taste of the diplomats, poached moderate hardness, not only the smell of eggs, and fruit flavor, it is an appetizer, cut chicken with a knife and fork, there are a bunch of meat, travel extensively Americans are a bit stunned, his eyes estimate, meat and vegetables, fruit component seemed to be just enough, but without him like French fries, but the flavor of the dish slowly rushed to the desire of French fries, chicken is his favorite French taste each of meat a different flavor, each meat represents a succulent, although he worked hard to guess, but only to guess the flavor of veal and venison, will be swept away, he saw something more to say Americans, the waiter tips can try hold the chicken in the basket, diplomats broke basket surprise, the original frying basket is to actually use sweet potato made his cheerful eating, thinking: the diet of the Chinese people really can not think of Italy.
    To return to the report, he said to himself: Chinese people like their diet, it seems plain, but bears a solid foundation and people can not guess change.

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