Cabbage through the stomach, in addition to chest bored, thirsty hangover, toilet, and the role of cough.
Radish can eliminate toxins, the heat of sputum under the gas, W, detoxification, have good effect on the food product, distention, phlegm cough, aphonia, dysentery, migraine headaches and other illnesses.
Leeks sterilization, insecticide detoxification, can enhance gastrointestinal digestion.
The celery There are refreshing, brain, lungs and cough, blood pressure lowering effect.
The potato juice can cure constipation and peptic ulcer.
Eggplant to control high blood pressure, stroke, and peliosis have good effect.
Tomatoes diuretic, Jianweixiaoshi, cooling blood Pinggan, Qingrejiedu blood pressure lowering efficacy.
Cucumber have to promote the food of corruption in the intestinal excretion and decreased cholesterol, weight loss and other effects.
Melon have Qingre, diuretic, weight loss, cough, throat, thirst effect.
Qufeng sweating onions, detoxification swelling, prevention of air-cooled cold, diarrhea, difficulty in urination and other symptoms have good effect.
Garlic sterilization, blood fat, prevent cancer, brain, strengthen the memory effect.
The peppers have many other effects of the prevention and treatment of atherosclerosis, scurvy, cancer, rheumatoid arthritis and accelerate the body fat conversion, absorption, consumption.

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