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Of-season fruit relative to the value of seasonal fruit is to eat fresh, rather than nutrition. The colorful, bright and attractive-season fruits are often planted in the greenhouses, to the sun, wind and soil level, with seasonal fruit. Therefore, the best nutrition of the fruit is the cheapest varieties, the most expensive fruit is often the fruit of the season.

The best fruit to eat to how much how much to buy, because each fruit has the most suitable storage temperature, shelf life. Put the longer, the more poor nutrition and flavor of the fruit. Most of the fruit suitable for washing directly into the refrigerator, or perishable decay, and should be eaten within a week. Bananas, pineapple, mango, papaya, lemon and other fruits, just stored in a cool room, the corner should not be refrigerated for a long time.

In addition, some unscrupulous traders in order to sell goods, the use of chemical reagents ripening-season fruits, harmful to human health damage. To enumerate the following dangerous-season fruit.

1, grapes

Some unscrupulous traders and fruit ripening agent - ethephon. Users to of ethephon water diluted in proportion, will not mature green grapes soaked into the diluent, a day or two green grapes into the grapes. This drug is less toxic, but long-term consumption of harmful.

2, banana

To make the banana skin to become yellow look good, some unscrupulous traders use sulfur dioxide to ripening, but the flesh eating up the hard, is not sweet. Sulfur dioxide and its derivatives are not only harmful to the respiratory system, can also cause brain, liver, spleen, kidney failure, and even harm the reproductive system.

3, watermelon

Exceed the standard to use ripening agents, swelling agents and highly toxic pesticides, so that the watermelon infected. Uneven stripes on the watermelon rind, cut the flesh is particularly bright, may the seeds are white, eating mouth odors.

4, strawberry

The middle of the hollow, irregular in shape and huge strawberries, general hormone excess. Strawberries with a shorter growing season after ripening agent or other hormonal drugs, the color of fresh, fruity but fades. This type of strawberries must Shensi, if you eat more it will affect the normal growth and development, such as lead and children precocious.

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