4 seasons homes
We all know that I the past few days have been in class learning, although they are still only know some fur, but I think these things should share with you, and know these analyzes a significant role of the girl, you can fit in accordance with their own type of to choose color of the clothes and the dress, so make beautiful beauty more beautiful, the ugly girl becomes beautiful. I said these are the fundamental the Seaman color theory is the introduction of the first personal Seaman practical experience, we can say is 100% accurate, as long as you do in accordance with the conclusion of my analysis. Well, not nonsense this is my notes beauty who looked to be practical to try combinations of Oh. To put on beautiful clothes and of a good belonging to the makeup a very simple approach is to determine to determine himself as belonging to that type or directly said that is the kind of season people can only know that they belong the basis of what type of reasonable dress themselves. Below me said special permit for the four seasons
    The bright spring type; spring-fair-skinned, rosy transparent sense of coral pink and peach pink cheeks showing. Shining eyes like glass eyes showing herbal tea color, blue whites of the eyes, the pupil is the eye showing brown hair glossy black, such as volume tan or soft brown. Generally give a live feel of the wave. If you belong to this type of person, then suggest your clothes yellow-based tone of bright light and shallow blue, warm pink, green fruit-based. Makeup to use light-colored ivory foundation, eye shadow and bright gold, brown and golden yellow in fashion this year to talk about green, lipstick and blush selected coral sub-orange-red.
    Fine summer-type; summer type of person giving a very soft feel, a healthy complexion, flush less spring skin type, and some off-white skin and a healthy wheat skin. The hair is usually dark brown or black. Pink, summer-type human skin can make people feel the foundation is the best choice of partial rose powder, cold cream, eye shadow best and dress the same color, such as light blue, lavender and silver. Lipstick and blush of the rose family. The summer type of person suitable to wear different shades of blue, pink, purple. If you are of this type to try Oh, you have unexpected results.
    Noble autumn type; autumn type with porcelain skin, the face rarely flush, giving a feeling of deep ivory golden hue, calm eyes. Brown hair, giving the mature sense of autumn-type human skin lacks Scarlet is unhealthy, it should choose the right lipstick and blush in order to highlight the face a sense of transparency and rosy, the foundation is the best choice of ivory, and then coated on brown-red or brick-red series of blush, face will be instantly become a healthy and vibrant, eye shadow brown series coupled with an overview of green. Yellow. Illuminated and so on. The fall of the type suitable for wearing a golden hue, yellow, brick red, coffee, green family. If you are of this type must have to try combinations of their own.
    The winter type of personality; winter type of person is not the people of the several seasons of spring and autumn color is good, this season's relatively dull complexion, dark complexion. The eyes appear black eyes, the intensity of God's meaning, which is a sharp meaning. Whites sky blue, be sure to get a close look, the hair glossy black with spring-type is somewhat similar. Foundation to use partial rose cold cream, eye shadow blue. Silver and gray. Lipstick and blush, deep rose red, burgundy Series. If you wear black clothes must choose to use a scarf or shirt collar with silver earrings, such a bright feeling to show it, but generally wear more suitable for pure, bright, glossy color of his clothes, because to keep the skin relative said .
    Hey finally finished these types of people, beautiful women I work so hard to write out to let you know more clearly for what kind of clothes and makeup, how to better match their dress themselves, to a face'm going to try and match the next, oh, what do not know how to ask me Oh, sometimes not online, but I will give you a timely answer, oh, the last wish Nanyang beauty more beautiful.

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