care the home jobs1949 the early establishment of the hospital, 11 nurses, college educated nurses, care workers of the junior high school students training in seven people. In 2008, the hospital nursing staff 445 people, undergraduate and post-secondary education 199, 229 secondary school education; deputy director of the nurse and charge nurse 147 nurse 178. Care team Zhou Yu Sin, Li Ping, were awarded in 1991, 2007, "May 1" labor medals; Shen Ai-Ping in 1990 by the Shanghai angels; Zhou Jianying by the Shanghai Women's Federation in 1995, 2003 Zhuangcui Fang by the Shanghai Municipal Health The civilization of workers in 2005, Wang Huimin won the Shanghai excellent nurse, Hai-Ying Liu Shanghai earthquake relief in advanced individual title in 2008, the emergence of a number of advanced people.
      Writing splenectomy care organization matron of the hospital nursing department in 1965, the spleen and blood clinical application of the recovery of four paper exchanges in the meeting of the city's care. During the Cultural Revolution to criticize white tertiary roads, there is no paper published. 1980 the Buzhi Fang "huge duodenal diverticulum analysis report published in the" Medicine ". 1981, 1986 Huang Zhenlan Nursing Association in Shanghai exchange papers each one. 2000-2008 the hospital nursing staff in the national, provincial and municipal medical professional journal published 162, 2007, 2008, were published 35, 32.
    Seattle, San Francisco nursing delegation of 20 November 1996 visit pass on to our hospital. In August 2005, the hospital sent five care managers went to Singapore General Hospital, operating room management and care management participate in a three-week learning training courses. After returning to the combination of specific hospital nurse management, 13 rectification recommendations was the adoption by the School of Ministry.
    2005 Yu Qin Yan, "someone special care postoperative quality of life of breast cancer as the leading professional Songjiang District Medical research topic; 2007 Zhou Jianying" GICU ventilator-associated pneumonia risk factors and nursing intervention "for the Songjiang District of science and technology research project subject; 2007 Fang Fang "emergency critical care disciplines technician training program design exploration and Zhuang Cuifang community health care network service mode, the soft subject of the project for the Songjiang District. Fang Fang "in 2008 patients with chronic heart failure of the joint care intervention research," Zhou Jianying nurses' burnout and influence factors, Xiaping Ying day surgery center postoperative continuous care model of project focus of Songjiang District Health Board disciplines.
   July 1949 Court to implement the responsibility system of the president under the leadership of head nurse; established in 1962, the Department of Nursing and ward room nurse, the implementation of two management the initial establishment of a hospital nursing director - Division matron; 1982 - ward room matron three management. Gradually formed a regional quality management are responsible for the subjects matron and ward room matron; ward quality management by ward, room matron and ward, room nurse is responsible for the network. The hospital has set up care to write quality management committee; disinfection isolated Commission; rescue items management committee; grading nursing, health education, management committee; matron quality of work, the quality of ward management, care and safety committee; intravenous chemotherapy Management Committee; care board of education on the quality of care, comprehensive monitoring and management. In November 2007 the city care system inspections and appraisals, the Court was the third examination of quality of care in Shanghai.

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