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Depending on the condition of patients, the discovery of pectus excavatum may have already late, the treatment of pectus excavatum can be roughly divided into three stages: First, young children before the age of 3, confirmed to the regular hospitals for pectus excavatum, a large part of the genetic factors . The parents need to do is calcium supplement for children, but must amount to avoid excessive calcium intake caused by poisoning or stone, how to avoid poor calcium absorption? , Calcium, adding VD (cod liver oil, Iraq could be a Sri Lankan, etc.) to promote calcium absorption and utilization in the intestine; 2, and more to take the kids to the outdoor sun, try to make direct skin exposure to sunlight, but also conducive to calcium absorption . The effect of calcium intake, breast milk is best, followed by the formula, then the milk, the baby can choose organic calcium as calcium gluconate, calcium lactate, 2-3-year-old can choose calcium-high inorganic calcium, such as carbonated calcium. The usual food is also particular about cooking fish or ribs can put some vinegar over low heat long Wu stew, conducive to the absorption of calcium; can also stew with tofu and fish; again or is the tomato scrambled eggs. Feed some cooked egg yolk can give the baby of 4-5 months 10 months to add some pork liver porridge or goat liver porridge. Burgers, fried chicken and other eat, these are high-fat, high salt food, but also less soft drinks, cola and other carbonated drinks phosphorus higher.
Pectus excavatum in children with depression significantly heavier oppression really need surgery in the 3-year-old after the surgery, it is the kindergarten enrollment period, children in the rest of the period of time to the nursery school must be noted: 1, not in the classroom to recover dislodge trouble;, queuing collar dim sum lunch, not crowded, run, grab, this time can easily fall;, listen to the teacher when sitting to Do Alice chair in order to avoid wrestling;, do not bed hopping slapstick (with accommodation);, rainy days do not make move, to prevent slipping; up and down stairs, not down from above to run, located in pop up; just finished surgery 3 months, do not participate in extracurricular activities.
Pectus excavatum surgery has been carried out, must be noted: 1, pectus excavatum 3-5 days after surgery need to supine in bed; 2, pectus excavatum within a week after buckling, not rotating thoracolumbar not roll; pectus excavatum within one month after keeping back straight, bend over to move heavy objects within two months, in March not to strenuous exercise; 4, after pectus excavatum supine sleep as much as possible; 5, funnel chest after surgery to avoid injury and strenuous exercise ; funnel chest after stent usually at 2-3 years after surgery, as the case removed; 7, after pectus excavatum regular outpatient review to understand changes in condition; after pectus excavatum, such as difficulty in breathing in case of post-traumatic chest The pain, the need to seek medical attention immediately and shoot the chest and lateral X-rays.

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