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Chiayi City, Our Lady of the house, run by the Lady of China Foundation at noon on the 11th to stay at the house of dementia elders organized the Lunar activities in advance to celebrate the New Year, chairman of the foundation of Notre Dame nuns MH Chen, chief executive Li Shihong, and arrived at the scene, accompanied by elders and The families of common fireplace, and the elders of the family almost full attendance, with the accompany elderly reunion, and the atmosphere is a lively scene.
Jixiang Long years in order to meet the new, the staff of Our Lady of the house in addition to arrange tables for elders and their families Lunar advance reunion, but also to prepare a fun poke music game, so that the participation of elders and their families with music, MH Chen Sisters of the scene, accompanied by the elders to play "poke Music" poke holes in the lottery game, and personally payment of prizes to the elders, and the atmosphere is very warm. Stay at the house, 93-year-old Wu grandmother is also the family, accompanied by the Lunar and family sit together to eat the reunion dinner, enjoy the show; intimate Wu grandmother blessing to all wishes come true for all staff, warm atmosphere.
Foundation, will be chief executive, said Li Shihong, the Lunar New Year, the Chinese people is a particularly meaningful day, this festival to organize a reunion of the Lunar activities outside the reunion, but also actively rehabilitation implications , Fund for Our Lady of the elders in the protected conditions, closest to the average family's daily life in rehabilitation is the best way to recover.
Lady of China Foundation, chairman of MH Chen nuns with particular emphasis on the important concept of the activity of the fireplace is a manifestation of the holistic care of the Lady of China Foundation, the house of Mary is not only to take care of the dementia status, and more importantly, elders people respect and care, we have been insisting and direction.
Accept the Government commissioned the house of Mary Our Lady of the Foundation for China in Chiayi City, the country's second home, but also the first outside the Taipei run by dementia group home care, the introduction of advanced dementia to take care of philosophy in Europe, Japan, let the elders protected, under the care of the situation, close to the everyday family living space and rest, digital dementia elder care attendants to form a similar "family" to take care unit, let the elders by the protection, respect and caring environment delay the progression of dementia cases, the implementation of the environmental effectiveness of the holistic care concept quite well, has become in recent years many care institutions of learning objects.

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