Enterprise-class server to belong to the ranks of high-end server, the enterprise of this reason, the production of this server is not a lot, but equally there is no industry-standard hardware provides enterprise-class server needs what level, so now also see many of this do not have to develop production level of enterprise-class server companies claim to have enterprise-class server. Enterprise-class server is at least four more than the CPU symmetric processor architecture, some as high as a few dozen. Another general also has independent dual PCI channels and memory expansion board design, with high memory bandwidth, large capacity, hot-swappable hard drives and hot-swappable power, powerful data processing capability and cluster performance. This enterprise-level server chassis generally rack, and some also by several cabinet, like the mainframe. Enterprise-class server products in addition to departmental servers all server features, the biggest feature is also highly fault-tolerant, excellent scalability, fault pre-alarm function, online diagnosis and RAM, the PCI, the CPU and other hot-swap performance . Some enterprise-class server also introduces many excellent features of the mainframe computers. Such server chips are also a few major server development, the unique CPU chip manufacturers to develop their own operating system, using general UNIX (Solaris) or LINUX. Enterprise-class server for running on the need to deal with large amounts of data, high processing speed and reliability requirements of high finance, securities, transportation, post and telecommunications, communications or large enterprises. Enterprise-class server for networked computers in the hundreds of very large network, the processing speed and data security requirements. Enterprise-class server hardware configuration, system reliability is also the strongest.

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