The type of server is the most basic server, and most low-end server. With the increasing of PC technology, many entry-level servers and PC configuration or similar, so some people think that the entry-level servers and PC server equivalent. Such server contains the server features are not typically have the following characteristics: 1 some basic hardware redundancy, such as hard drives, power supplies, fans, etc., but not required; usually SCSI interface hard disk, and now ; Part 3 parts SATA serial interface also supports hot-swappable, such as hard drives and memory, these are not necessary; 4 is usually only one CPU, but not absolute; five largest memory capacity to support 16GB. These servers using the Windows or NetWare network operating system, can fully meet the office-based small and medium-sized network users of file sharing, data processing, Internet access and a simple database application needs. This server and is very similar to the PC, in general, there are many small companies simply use a high-performance brand of PC as a server, this server in terms of performance or price, with a high-performance PC brand of almost the same. Terminal even entry-level servers is relatively limited (usually around 20), Moreover, in terms of stability, scalability, and fault-tolerant redundancy, poor performance, only applies to large databases for data exchange, the daily work of network traffic, without Long-term non-stop small business to boot. But I want to clarify that some relatively large-scale server development, enterprise-class server manufacturers in the back, we wish to be divided into several grades, including most low-end of an enterprise-class server grade is called "entry-level enterprise-class server, "said the entry-level is not and we said above, the entry-level" have the same meaning, but this division is still relatively small. Another point is, this server is generally used for Intel's server CPU chips based on Intel architecture (commonly known as "IA structure"), of course, this is not a rigid standard requirements, but because of the server application level needs and the limit of the price.

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